8 similarities between ‘100’ and ‘Battlestar Galactica’ … and ‘Lost’

English - February 22, 2016

” ‘Battlestar Galactica’ is one of my favorite series of all time. Well, this is like ‘ Battlestar Galactica ‘in space. “Lost” is also one of my favorite series ever, and this is like “Lost” on the surface. for me, it was an easy decision to work on this project. “

These words correspond to Jason Rothenberg, showrunner ‘Los 100 ‘for una interview to promote the first season of the series, based on a series of books Kass Morgan. And explain exactly why ‘Battlestar Galactica’ and ‘Lost’ cast such a long shadow on the adventures of the people of the Ark to survive in a land ravaged a century earlier by a nuclear holocaust.

in fact, some American critics came to nickname the ‘100’ as “ Battlestar Babies “for its clear parallels, especially in their willingness to put their characters to the toughest decisions imaginable and then fully explore the consequences of those decisions. The influence of Battlestar Galactica, and survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 from Sydney to Los Angeles is noted also in more concrete things. Of course, there may be light spoilers of the third season of ‘100’


the most obvious parallel between the series of the CW and ‘Battlestar Galactica”re seeing in these early chapters of his third installment. ALIE, the artificial intelligence that met at the end de the second, has become Six closest thing to having ‘100’. Specifically, the Six that Baltar sees in his head all the time and that he “advised” about what to do. Until they are dressed in red.

The bunker “hatch”

Ian Cusick Desmond not only Kane is in ‘100’. It was also Desmond in “Lost”, who knew at the beginning of the second season living in the mysterious hatch Locke and Booth had found in the jungle. However, it is not Kane who runs into the post-apocalyptic version of that Dharma station.

is the character Murphy discovered a bunker prepared to resist for years the threat of external radiation, in which there is even a less cryptic than the Dharma recordings, but they seem to explain some of what happened on Earth almost one hundred years ago. A Murphy just missed having to enter a code every 108 minutes.

Lincoln and Sharon

in the ‘100’ and ‘Battlestar Galactica’ are two couples who represent the difficulty of integrating the “other” in the community of actors and at the same time, the possibility of an understanding between the two groups. In the title of The CW we have a Lincoln, Earthman, and Octavia, the Sky People, whose identities begin to blur as such as they are together. The difficulties faced in Arkadia inevitably refer to those who lived in the series of Syfy Sharon, cylon, and Helo, Human, a couple who had to face distrust and hatred of all kinds.

Pike and Admiral Cain

in all three series, the first group of survivors end up finding another group remained separated from them and beat some pretty dire circumstances. Such circumstances have taken a toll on those other survivors and have become more aggressive and more likely to apply violence to solve their problems. Especially Pike, the leader of the Farm station, is in a situation not unlike that of Admiral Caine, whose ship Pegasus lived a worse than Galactic experiences. That means that Cain has the same tolerance for the Cylons to land Pike. No

The class = “article-asset-image article-AssetCenter Other Mount Weather

for most of ‘Lost’, the others were those mysterious guys who threatened the shipwrecked, kidnapped and were throwing black smoke when they wanted him to come out to your town. In the ‘100’, the inhabitants of Monte Weather threatening the land and people of the Ark, the kidnapped and threw them to prevent acid mist approaching them. Although, in fairness, Mount Weather were rather more sinister than the Others.

Jaha and Locke

Jaha and drift “man of faith” in their series, with its belief that the City of Light is the solution to your problems, matches him with Locke and his belief in the special which was the island and had been chosen by Jacob. At the same time, also has some traces of Gaius Baltar, in ‘Battlestar Galactica’ ended assuming a role as spiritual leader, who pushed Six.

Tensions in the Ark

During the first season of ‘100’, the plot in the Ark was full of clandestine maneuvers to seize power and overthrow the Chancellor Jaha. He even had a terrorist attack by one of these factions, led by a former actress of ‘Battlestar Galactica’ as Kate Vernon. Laura Roslin they were seen very often in this series with the most varied attempts to remove her from her post as president, and she also used some little legal another method to avoid it.

Starbuck’s shadow Raven

Kara” Starbuck “Thrace was the best pilot Galactica so far having to spend several chapters Vipers by a leg injury did not make her a more fun person to hang out. much less when he began to consider seriously their identity in the fourth season of ‘Battlestar Galactica’ and some other topic. Raven, the very mechanical able to ‘100’, is going through a very serious crisis at the paralysis of his leg, and shadow irascible character of Starbuck plans on it.

If Clarke or Abby, at some point, pronounced that speech of Laura Roslin in “‘ll get you all” and the like will be much harder to ignore. Too bad the opportunity to one day in Monte Weather ripped to the sound of ‘ Make your own kind of music ‘.

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