Chip for mining cryptocurrencies is created by Intel

Chip for mining cryptocurrencies is created by Intel
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Cryptocurrency-based mining is a very lucrative activity is carried out on a large scale worldwide; many pioneering countries have turned mining into a very profitable business.

One of the disadvantages of this process is that very sophisticated, powerful, and large amounts of computer equipment are needed to form what is known as a crypto mining farm.

Due to this concern and to meet expectations and minimize costs, large computer equipment production industries such as the gigantic Intel have decided to offer a new device, representing the evolution of mining. To know more about this, click here.

That large companies are looking for new technologies is an indication that cryptocurrencies are not going the wrong way, only that it has cost a bit to adopt them, which is why they are so new and have risks that, for many, are negative points.

New technology for mining

ASICs are computer equipment created with integrated circuits or chips and intended to fulfill particular functions; they became known with bitcoin, becoming the group of processors indicated and qualified par excellence for mining blocks of blockchain technology.

This microprocessor created by Intel in the form of ASIC, exclusive for mining cryptocurrencies, pursues a great objective, which is to minimize the difficulty in solving algorithmic problems, giving energy consumption as an immediate solution, since in this way, the process would be more dynamic and efficient.

One of the main concerns and disadvantages of mining is the environmental impact caused by the high energy consumption and many toxic gases released into the atmosphere, a problem that can be minimized by implementing this new microchip.

This chip will provide a solution to these problems and the supply problems that the technology industry (INTEL) suffers from since it uses a smaller portion of silicon so that the impact in the application areas is minor.

This very low voltage and energy efficient bitcoin mining ASIC will be unveiled, positioning itself as a cryptocurrency mining proposition alongside new propositions suggested by companies like Nvidia.

Advantages of this microchip

The objective, according to Intel, is to encourage an open and secure blockchain environment and promote its advancement responsibly and sustainably. Therefore, the Custom Compute Group has been created within its commercial unit of graphics and computer systems of Intel, destined for the development and implementation of customized and optimal silicon platforms destined to solve the needs of the clients’ workloads.

The implementation of this chip in mining is close since it is estimated that Intel will take it out to be used in the year 2022; with this project, Intel will achieve significant economic benefits due to the demand and sales of these microprocessors, which will boost the same way mining.

The world of cryptocurrencies is enormous and increasingly demanding in terms of how it operates, always trying to offer better benefits to all its users and fulfill its primary objective: to provide economic profitability.


With the development of this new chip, it is estimated that mining will increase disproportionately because it will be a more profitable and less polluting process.

Operating with cryptocurrencies in mining is not as profitable as investing in them and carrying out exchanges or trades, since to mine, the investment must be significant, and very little profit is obtained.

Technology is constantly looking for its evolution to benefit all who use it; the demand for computer equipment and software is ever higher since new needs frequently arise in areas where they are applied.

Intel has specialized in creating equipment to offer to the cryptographic world; there are already many more industries based on hardware development to compete and put their products on the cryptographic market.

Cryptocurrencies are the most profitable area of ​​the economy today, where most want to enter and be part of this world, which offers infinite possibilities of making profits; crypto markets, despite their variability in values, are the most currently moved.

The cryptocurrency mining process will become widely implemented worldwide since it is becoming a very lucrative activity and has managed to overcome the disadvantages of processing, environmental impact, reduction of equipment, and enhancement of resources themselves. Earning with cryptocurrencies is the only objective that should be pursued when thinking about investing in them, without being carried away by negative speculation about them, but always focusing on profits and economic growth.

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