The smallest animals in the world

The smallest animals on the planet, are usually found in the most remote areas, isolated from human civilization, such as on the island of Madagascar, located on the coast of southwestern Africa. But as a result of population expansion and the indiscriminate expansion of cities, many of them are currently in danger of extinction.

Chameleon Brookesia Minima

The smallest animals in the worldIn this beautiful and exotic island of Madagascar, lives the Brookesia Minima chameleon, one of the smallest reptiles that has been identified, since its size is only an inch long. That size allows it to camouflage perfectly between the leaves.


The smallest animals in the worldThe smallest monkey in the world, is not really a monkey. It has been cataloged like that, but the scientists say that it is rather a primate, whose original name is: Tarsier, native of the Philippine Islands. It is a tiny animal with bulging eyes, measuring 3 to 6 inches, which all day remains sleeping in the hollows of the trunks and goes out at night hunting, to catch its favorite dish: insects. The most curious thing about this animal, besides its size, is that its eyes are bigger than its stomach.

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Pig’s nose bat

The smallest animals in the worldThe smallest bat in the world is the so-called bumblebee bat or pig’s nose. It weighs two grams and its measurements are 2.9 centimeters, although its wings are 15 centimeters long. He lives in Thailand and in Burma, in lime caves.

Carpa Paedocypris

The smallest animals in the worldAnd in the world of fish, the smallest known so far, is the carp Paedocypris, discovered until 2006 in Sumatra. When this little fish becomes adult, it measures up to 7.9 millimeters. As if that was not enough about his rarity, his brain remains exposed due to the shape of his skull and his main food is plankton. Palm oil plantations in the regions of Indonesia, keep it on the verge of extinction.

The smallest snake

The smallest animals in the worldOn the island of Barbados, in the Caribbean Sea, the smallest snake on Earth was found in 2008. Its primordial foods are the larvae of ants and other kinds of insects. Its thickness is like that of a noodle and so far, it is not known a to be more minute.

The tiny hummingbird

The smallest animals in the worldAnd you will be surprised by the bee hummingbird, which has been cataloged as the smallest bird in the world, weighing a mere 1.8 grams and growing no more than two inches. It is native to the island of Cuba and with its wings produces a quick shake, imperceptible to human vision.

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