Science announces the discovery of Noah’s Ark

Science announces the discovery of Noah’s Ark

The official science has astonished the whole world, with a great discovery they claim to have obtained: nothing more and nothing less than Noah’s Ark, the boat where both men and animals took refuge to save themselves from a massive extension caused by a huge flood, according to biblical and Hebrew accounts. Let’s see all the details of this impressive discovery:

The biblical accounts tell, that Noah was selected by God to build a wooden Ark large enough, to fit all pairs of animals plus humans who believed and were pure. But all these centuries, mankind has wondered what would have become of that gigantic vessel and no matter how many searches have been tried, millennia have passed and until now they claim to have found it in the vicinity of Mount Ararat, in the nation of Turkey.

According to the data, we are talking about a very ancient structure, with an antiquity close to 4,000 years old. The archaeologists were even more surprised when they realized that inside there was everything that characterizes the Ark in the stories.

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The beginning of the official search

It was in 1959, when a pilot of a Turkish aircraft managed to capture photographic images of a kind of boat in the middle of the Ararat Mountains. The material was handed over to the Geodetic Institute of Turkey.

“I have no doubt that this object is a ship. In my entire career, I have never seen an object like this in an aerial photograph.”

Those were the words of Dr. Brandenburger, a specialist at Ohio State University, at the time.  Brandenburger was quite an expert in the area of photogrammetry and with his techniques and knowledge, they were able to discover the terrible missile bases that threatened the world from Cuba, when Kennedy was president of the United States.

A special team of U.S. agents was sent to undertake an expedition that lasted more than a day and a half and they carried out a maneuver with dynamite, exploding only one side of the ship and in view of the results they observed, they deduced that it was nothing important as it was believed and that it did not represent anything of interest for archaeology.

And according to the North American team, if it were Noah’s Ark, it would be reflected in the extreme hardness of the wood, due to the effect of the passage of so many centuries and millennia. It would be about 4,400 years old, but only one or two pieces of the structure were petrified.

The strange object was located at a distance of more than 200 miles from the nearest sea and at no less than 6,300 meters above sea level. An area evidently too high for a ship to be located there. So the scientists deduced that it was most likely due to extreme local flooding. But curiously, the dimensions of the remains of the boat, match perfectly with the details given in the Bible about the Ark, in the book of Genesis chapter 6 verse 15, exactly 300 cubits long.

After the first excavation, important archaeologists arrived in 1977 with the help of various technological equipment, such as ground penetrating radars, and discovered that this enormous ship had three very spacious decks. But when they found them, the two upper decks were collapsed, leaving only the first one less affected, where 144 rooms were found and saved intact. 

In the same way they were able to locate cavities, walls and a whole series of ramps and a system of large cisterns near the bow. Something very peculiar is that they found petrified animal dung, more than enough to determine that large animals traveled there.

Another point that the researchers tied up is that the sites surrounding the coordinates where the large structure was found correspond to the biblical description of the flood. The epicenter of the story took place in the “Valley of the Eight”, named after the eight people who survived the flood, who were Noah, his three first-born sons and their spouses, as well as his wife.

Relevaant scriptures

Several anchors of giant stones are scattered in the highest places of that region, thousands of feet above the ocean level and at a distance of hundreds of kilometers from the nearest sea.

If we are really talking about the real Noah’s Ark, this is one of the most important findings for the believing world, because we would already have a very important evidence of one of the most relevant events of the scriptures. But obviously, there are also detractors who argue that they do not have the pertinent scientific bases to assert that this strange vessel is the apocalyptic Ark.

Although some theorists claim that all that is written in the Bible only corresponds to symbolic facts and encrypted codes, there are others who have shown that in reality many of these events did occur.

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