LocalCast is updated sending videos with subtitles to the TV by Chromecast

English - March 17, 2015

Chromecast has grown tremendously as an accessory for our phones and tablets. Today there are many applications that allow you to send content from one place to another and it is inevitable that one of the uses more asking ourselves whether watching movies and series. In that case, if you are some purists VOSE, likely to judge with subtitles.

There are several applications that solve this problem and the last to join this elite, and useful club is LocalCast an app to send video in different formats and srt file corresponding subtitles to understand what they are saying in our series and favorite movies


The operation of this new option in LocalCast is simple. In the settings menu will have a new option which specify the folder where the subtitles are saved in question. As with computers, seek to have the same name to be automatically loaded and have to do so manually.

An important and useful detail, we can choose the text encoding that takes the srt file. In this way we avoid accents and eñes appear with strange characters. While some applications like Popcorn Time for Android adds support Chromecast (currently it is only available in version for developers) such solutions are very useful.

The application is free and has a Pro version which, among other things, eliminate advertising. In this style of applications, also worth keeping an eye on Videostream. It also supports subtitles and also an extension for Chrome to send video from a computer Chromecast

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