Top HTC Sync Manager Alternative

The HTC Sync Manager was introduced as a perfect companion to the HTC devices, allowing you to sync your HTC phone to your computer, and transfer files and data from the phone to your computer, and vice versa. The application was introduced completely for free, and allows you to sync your contacts, calendar, bookmarks, events as well as all of the latest documents and media on your phone. The HTC Sync Manager backs up everything in a very safe environment and makes sure that your phone remains up to date at all times. The HTC Sync Manager allows you to manage the file transfer between your phone and your computer.

The HTC Sync Manager also allows you to edit your photographs and personal videos, making minor edits where needed and allowing you to save the photographs in a number of different ways. You can also sync your personal information, including web browser bookmarks. The best thing about the program is that it can also be used with iTunes and other programs in order to transfer SMS, information, pictures, iPhone contacts and a whole host of other multimedia information seamlessly from your computer to your iPhone and vice versa.

Now, even though the HTC Sync is a pretty decent program, there are a certain set of issues in the program that makes it pretty difficult to run seamlessly. First of all, a lot of compatibility issues arise when using the program; it doesn’t run smoothly on the Mac OS X, and even in Winows 7 and 8, the program tends to crash. For people who have to transfer a bunch of different files and folders almost every other day, it is pretty important to have a program that runs in a stable environment. Unfortunately, the HTC Sync Manager is unable to do that. Secondly, another very common issue that arises with the program is the fact that it significantly slows down your computer.

Once installed, the HTC Sync Manager reduces your start up times significantly, and also takes quite a bit of time to load. People want to make sure that their computer keeps running smoothly, and this prevents them from doing so. When it comes to using a sync manager that provides an efficient performance, the HTC Sync Manager doesn’t exactly perform very well all the time. Nobody likes having their computer slow down significantly, which is the reason why most people often look for viable alternatives to use in place of the HTC Sync Manager. Another very common issue that arises with the HTC Sync Manager is the fact that it doesn’t always detect your phone when you connect it. Even though the company has released a number of updates and fixes, this issue still persists and you often have to connect your phone a few times before the Sync Manager actually catches the connection. As a result, it is vital for you to consider some alternatives to use for the HTC Sync Manager. Here are the 5 most viable alternatives for the HTC Sync Manager:

Top 5 Alternatives for the HTC Sync Manager

1. WonderShare Mobile Go for Android

The WonderShare Mobile Go for Android is perhaps the finest tool to use for people who are looking for a good replacement for the HTC Sync Manager. Easily compatible with a wide array of different Android devices, the WonderShare Mobile Go for Android is the perfect software program to install on your computer. Not only does it provide you with a litany of different options, but it also resolves many of the problems that people have from the HTC Sync Manager. Here is a brief list of the features that the program provides:

Backup facility

The program features an automatic backing up solution that allows you to save and store all of your contacts, calendar events, media and virtually anything else that you might have on your device. The backup options available on the WonderShare Mobile Go for Android is much more robust as compared to other programs.

Apps and contacts organizer

The program has a very intuitively designed apps and contact organizer tool that allows you to easily set up all your contacts in groups or in a proper order, and also allows you to create a list of your apps, decide which ones to keep and which ones to uninstall.

Desktop SMS Assistant

Yet another very nice feature of the program is the desktop SMS assistant, which allows you to send and receive messages, group them in a proper manner and also manage phone calls via your computer.

Other features

The program has a vast amount of online resources available and makes management of your Android device an extremely easy task. The program also features a very nicely designed interface, allowing you to navigate quite easily in the program.

Top HTC  Sync Manager Alternative

2. My Phone Explorer

Another very popular tool that is used all around the globe is the My Phone Explorer. The My Phone Explorer provides you with all of the functionality that you would expect from a top of the line device, such as management features that allow you to backup your device, manage the music, the contacts and the apps, as well as a host of other features. The good thing about using this program is that it is available for free, and can be downloaded quite easily from the internet. Setting up the program also doesn’t require a lot of effort, so you won’t be spending a great deal of time tinkering with the settings either. The My Phone Explorer app also doesn’t take up a lot of computer resources, so it’ll be pretty convenient for you to make sure that the program continues running smoothly with as little trouble as possible. My Phone Explorer has become hugely popular over the past few years, mainly as the company has released a number of different updates that have made the program much more efficient and easy to use. My Phone Explorer provides you with backing up facilities as well.

Top HTC  Sync Manager Alternative

3. Sync Droid

One of the most common programs currently in use today, Sync Droid, which is also known as Air Droid is easily one of the finest tools available for making sure that your device remains synced and up to date. Easily accessible via a web browser, the Air Droid program allows you to manage your Android device using a wireless connection by keeping both the phone and the computer on the same network. The program itself is very convenient and easy to use, and because it is run via a Web Browser, it doesn’t take up a great deal of space either, nor does it slow dow your computer. There are a whole host of different options that it provides, such as managing music, playback capabilities, call logs accessing, sending remote SMS, backing up files and a host of other options. Air Droid is the perfect tool to use for people who don’t want to install another program on their computers. However, to actually run the program, you will have to download the App on your Android phone using the Google Play Store.

Top HTC  Sync Manager Alternative

4. Mobile Sync Pro

Mobile Sync Pro is yet another program that you can use in order to keep your phone connected to your computer in order to transfer files and manage the data. This is a pretty efficient program that provides a host of different management features. However, unlike Air Droid, you will have to first install the program on your computer. Mobile Sync Pro also needs to be installed on your mobile phone before it can be used in a convenient manner. The program provides a neat and clean interface, and comes with a litany of different options that are designed to make it much easier for people to transfer files and share data. If you regularly connect your phone to your computer in order to transfer data and files, Mobile Sync Pro might be a decent purchase. It provides you with all of the common features tha tyou would want, such as contacts management, music management and backup facilities to save all your contacts, messages and other media on your phone.

Top HTC  Sync Manager Alternative

5. Double Twist

A recent release, Double Twist provides users with a very old fashioned, simplistic interface from where you can easily manage your Android device. The program connects seamlessly to your Android phone, and once it is connected as a media device, it allows you to backup contacts, add or remove apps and manage music, along with a host of other options. The program itself is very easy to use, and has clearly taken its design inspiration from the iTunes program. However, compared to iTunes, this program is much less colorful and provides much more utility. If you are looking for an easy to use, well designed sync manager that provides you with direct connectivity and simple options to manage your Android device, Double Twist is a decent enough option to choose from.

Top HTC  Sync Manager Alternative

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