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LG G2 mini: Review and user experience

LG G2 mini: Review and user experienceLG G2 mini: Review and user experience

LG has undergone dramatic change in recent times. His early years making Android devices were not a bed of roses: reguleros terminals, poor user experience, personalization layer of questionable taste, lack of support for users with newer versions, delays in updating … well, no highlighting or differed from other grades: Sony, Samsung, HTC and others. However, we look at the current moment and see how the LG G3 is one of the most desired devices and public standing among the best in this 2014, upending the image of the brand.

Obviously this has not happened overnight. The previous top end of the South Koreans, the LG G2 , made the very high level, and other creations like the colorful and curved G Flex gave sample of what they can achieve with technology research and materials. Precisely G2 also came mini version the same, a very popular practice among manufacturers to launch the smaller models of its flagships, using the pull of the name in the market.

Unfortunately, it does not mean mini only smaller, but also less powerful specifications. This happens in almost all cases, although there are exceptions such as the Sony Z1 and Compact, which is a real bug encased in a compact body. LG G2 mini We can not say the same, since the only thing he shares with his older brother’s name, design and some other characteristic. We have spent a few weeks with this device came a few weeks ago to Spain and here you have our in-depth analysis.

Review of LG G2 mini components

started, how could it be otherwise, with technical characteristics This LG G2 mini. We like to say that retains all the power of the original G2, but unfortunately it is not and LG has decided to create a mid-range device instead of preserving the high status but small range.

We have reached a point where we say we 4.7 inches is a small terminal, while good, in this mini G2 almost fulfilled. We found it an IPS panel that size with qHD resolution (960 × 540), a shame because they could have reached at least 720p, a figure that do enjoy some of its competitors. Inside what we found is a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, An 1.2GHz quad-core performance with more than proven in other terminals and Moto G.

400 SD This is accompanied by 1GB RAM , the minimum required in current smartphones and 8GB of internal storage, though thankfully LG has not forgotten the user requests and includes a microSD card slot up to 32GB.

Specifications LG G2 mini

  • IPS 4.7 inch qHD display (960 x 540) – 234ppi Gorilla Glass
  • 400 MSM8926 Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor Quad Core 1.2GHz
  • GPU Adreno 305
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB internal storage + microSD card slot up to 32GB
  • 8MP rear camera + LED Flash / Front 1.3MP
  • 2440mAh removable battery
  • WiFi, 3G, 4G LTE, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, FM Radio, IR Emitter
  • KitKat Android 4.4.2 + Optimus UI layer
  • 129.6 x 66 x 9.8 mm
  • 121 grams
  • colors. black or white

Rear Camera, which is accompanied by an LED flash, mounted 8MP sensor to analyze later, while the front brings no surprises and stays in a basic 1.3MP. Meanwhile, the battery This LG G2 mini has a capacity of 2440mAh quite correct autonomy and is also removable. Connectivity options goes well served even supports high-speed mobile networks 4G LTE and also includes infrared emitter.

All this works under Android 4.4.2 KitKat, the latest version of the system of Google (leaving aside the minor 4.4.3), although customized by LG with its layer OptimusUI and different applications with extra features that we shall see.

Design and construction

To build the mini G2, the Koreans continued their bet completely remove all front and side buttons on the device, placing them in the rear, right hand under the camera. This renders minimize mechanisms around the screen and allows them to rush more edges, thus a really tight body, as we saw in the G2 and the great LG G3.

Following in the rear, the design is quite similar to the G2, we 8MP camera, flash and volume buttons and on, located right on the position that always comes Index finger, although at first is a bit strange. The material of the back cover, which incidentally is removable to access the battery and cards, has a rough quite nice and allows holding the phone without slipping texture, though not so bright like his older brother and especially at the beginning gives a feeling of lower quality than is accentuated by the very low weight , 121 grams (battery included).

As we said, the edges are clean buttons and are topped by a thin frame that mimics the metal. At the bottom is where we find the microUSB connector and speakers hidden under grates , with the same appearance as in the G Pad 8.3. This location prevents remain covered by supporting the phone on a flat surface, but can do it against the palm of the hand, especially the right nostril, which is where it exits the most sound. At the top we have the jack, microphone and infrared transmitter with which we can control TVs and other devices.

Finally, the front only highlights the great 4.7 inch screen, tight to the edges without capacitive buttons, as found virtually (can customize your layout and color). On it, the front camera, light and proximity sensors, we miss an LED for notifications. By having the buttons on the back, do not always have access to them, so in this mini G2 also have KnockOn function to turn the screen touches.


the panel of 5.2 inches and resolution FullHD LG G2 we have moved to 4.7-inch qHD resolution, several steps below what we would like. The IPS LCD panel is good, but make no mistake, the 960 × 540 pixels fall short and we miss at least the HD quality.

The pixel density is 234 ppi, a figure lower than those handled today and does not make it clear what is expected of her, noticing especially when playing HD videos. The colors are correct, the brightness is fine and no complaints of viewing angles. That itself is not too much for your highlighting visibility outdoors but hey, neither is it something we can easily get to other smartphones even greater range, hopefully the advances in anti reflexes go forward soon.


LG did a great job with G2 Camera, 13MP sensor and OIS image stabilizer were apparent in the good end results. For this mini G2 has dispensed with the stabilizer and the sensor has been reduced to 8MP, keeping the LED flash. In good light the pictures we get are pretty good , make no mistake, we are talking about a mid-range smartphone, but images of the camera are at the top of the table of its type. Definitely improves camera selling Moto’s recent G and Xperia M2.

The definition is fine, although the colors are somewhat washed. With worst lighting without flash pull, getting sharp photos is a tad more difficult by the lack of stabilizer and as we walked in dark environments noise makes appearance, normal go, but it is appreciated that there is an aggressive reduction of the same software.

The photo resolution is 3264 x 2448 pixels, while video recording is at most at 1080p and 30fps. The front does not stand out at all with its 1.3 MP. The camera application LG is not exactly attractive, but that is something that has improved in the new version of your customization layer.

offers different shooting modes: HDR, panorama, burst (CS), retouched (Beauty style that softens the skin), retroactive and sport. Among the settings App have the ability to activate the voice shot, type of approach, ISO, white balance, color effects, or to assign functions to the rear volume.

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generally quite complete but with a design to improve and always a focus speed / larger shot is appreciated. Regarding gallery meets what is expected of her, but also accused the ugly interface design. Here are some photos taken with the LG G2 mini (here Full resolution):

use and software Experience

Those who purchase this terminal will meet a nice surprise: it has the latest version of Android, 4.4 KitKat (4.4.2, not 4.4.3), so it benefits from the increased general optimization, yes, unfortunately not found in its pure version (as it does Motorola or see in the Nexus), but is designed by the previous version of the Optimus UI layer LG, exactly the same view in the G Pad, G2, G Pro 2 and all previous models the G3 (which debuts the redesigned).

The phone operates properly, the transitions are fluid, everything loads fast and overall user experience is very satisfying for a midrange smartphone, but it could always be better. Optimus UI design go to taste, but personally I think a dated look ugly and coat, does the job adds interesting applications, but not graceful.

Among the features of LG owners find QSlide a series of Apps (how the video player, browser, calculator, calendar, phone or notes) that we can use as floating windows, with the ability to resize and move windows around the screen to taste while doing other tasks. With Quick Remote become our G2 mini in remote television and other players, I’ve tried several brands of TV’s and both the configuration and the operation is very good.

If the buttons are on the back, how to have the screen turn on the phone leaning on a table? With KnockOn. This pair system to activate the screen with a few taps works really well (provided they are not covered front sensors) and the truth is that we end up not to use the back buttons. Double-click the screen becomes very natural gesture and when switching to another device without this feature is missing. Applying this to the security section we KnockCode a function to unlock the terminal with up to 8 configurable touch anywhere on the front.

For the rest, we also have Apps for Notes, assistant to backup and restore data and other extras. I would make a mention of the area notifications, there we have direct access to some quick adjustments, volume, brightness, QSlide, Quick Remote … what is the problem? No space for notifications! Although a 4.7 inch screen, soon we activate only QSlide, we can only notice half is mandatory to do scroll each once (in the screenshot above this is appreciated).

Well, as the overall performance of LG G2 mini, maybe customization Manufacturer resting some performance and this makes not much kick game the combination of Snapdragon and 1GB of RAM 400, but that does not mean you go wrong, far from it. With a normal and intensive of calls, networking, communication Apps, check feeds without depriving ourselves of all applications using the G2 mini meets and no complaints mid-range model.

For games demanding titles like Asphalt 8 perform well (not the maximum detail) and playback of multimedia content would be better if the screen had a higher resolution. In the hand it feels good, the back material and rounded edges help hold and low weight is appreciated along with compact dimensions.


Go back to the section of the “controversy”, put it in quotes because you must know how little I like these test performance, however, ye are many guide yourselves and ask for them to choose a telephone or another. See if you are lucky and this time just to convince only numbers in the components of the model does not accurately represent the experience of use in day to day.

You can have 1 trillion points if not optimized, will lag. Well, here you have the results of Vellamo, AnTuTu and Quadrant, some of the best known benchmarks. According to your score, is the level of dear Xiaomi Redmi and get about half of the original G2 points.

Battery and autonomy

2440mAh battery found in G2 gives a mini excellent results. The G2 also characterized by its good autonomy and this reduced version can assure that the terminal endures problems least a full day. The battery, by the way, is removable by removing the back cover, a detail that will appeal to many and gives the possibility to replace or insert a spare in case of future problems.

I have not cut using the LG G2 mini, I have given full days fishing during using intensively social networking, messaging, reading news, surfing the web and the odd call. The result is satisfactory, can easily exceed 4 hours screen and almost 2 days of normal use.

Of course, if we go to tasks and GPS navigation high performance gaming, autonomy suffers, let normal. Also noted that at rest consumption is minimal, unless some process rebellious locks.


The G2 mini I liked a lot. It is a very compact phone , the design is nice (although it is still plastic) and LG’s bid for the buttons in the, back though risky, works. Maybe it’s personal taste, but in time I have not been with him missed the buttons on the sides and KnockOn is a blast and super-intuitive. It is a shame that this G2 mini does not have the same components as the G2 “great.”

It has quality components, which ensure good performance and experience of use in almost any environment. The camera gives great results and if there is a point that could improve much this would be his G2 mini interface. It seems almost a sin to cover Android 4.4.2 KitKat under that layer detracts not improve fluency and also aesthetically.

LG has realized this and has been completely renovated in the G3, with a design Newer flat and adapting to the current lines, but I doubt that someday see the new version in this mini G2 (or any pre-G3 model).

worst? Your price. The LG G2 mini has an official price of € 349, An pasadísimo value for its features (though you can easily find prowling the 250 € on several shops), especially taking into account the competition for that price.

So Far, € 349 we Nexus 5 on Google Play, a smartphone that hits it considerable review, but if we look inside the average range, the G 8GB 4G LTE Moto costs € 199 and he can also enjoy pure Android with great performance and great support from Motorola. Of course, if you decide on this LG G2 mini You will keep a phone call with features very balanced and different design to what’s on the market.

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