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English - July 11, 2013

In Android, applications also exist for all ages and widely exploited, there are also focused on a very specific sector of users. Such applications are somewhat different, and there are not many alternatives to them. To be more specific, if an application does X, it is awful and do not like how it does, you may have to endure, because there will be the same but better. Depends on the case, of course, some sectors more crowded than others.

The application today is of this style, although their market is not a small one, for nothing. is focused on steady partners, and of course, in the society in which humans breed and want in packs of 2, that many customers. If couples do more than 2, so today is not going to interest you. Sometime in the future, probably will have to upgrade to 3 couples, but much remains.


private An application for you and your partner, that’s Avocado. could say that is a private virtual space for 2. It can do several things to explain now, but I moved that for the moment Android does not allow physical contact, sensors are not sufficient. Still, it makes things relatively close.

For those who do not be a partner, or if you are not very romanticones possibly on the application you everywhere. But there are many types partner, and we all know some of those who are not separated or two seconds. Well, for them, Avocado comes in handy. Upon checking in we have to choose our partner, and obviously it will have to accept the invitation by e which will come. We already can access the private area, as we await his acceptance and registration.

In this space we can do several things. We have 5 screens, through which we can move the menu above or gliding laterally. The first is a chat, as if it were WhatsApp. A private chat for both, which also has additional functions curious. We send photos of course, but we also have option draw on the screen, create emoticons with custom images and save them, and also create quick messages you can store. Moreover, referring to what I said before, we can send kisses and hugs semi-real, and what I mean. To embrace’ll have to get the phone in the heart (although by a vibration detected hug course), and to give a kiss we have to choose a picture and give a kiss to the screen (although pressing also has xD).

second screens are shared lists. We add and modify lists at will. There are very complex, allows a subject or text, and attach a photo. They have check-box to check off the “to do” or whatever you put on the list. The next screen is a calendar, also shared that we can jointly manage events, and set reminders for them. The fourth screen photo where just have a gallery of photos shared.

The last of the screens are the settings.’ll find a couple adjustments where can configure the anniversary and birthdays of both, or change the profile pictures. In traditional settings have little, mostly about as useful warnings and is able establish access code application. To stay private it really private. The application itself is very Curran. has a very good design, and paid subscription offers unlimited photos and lists, as well as preferential access to new functions.

If you do not convince you, teach him to your partner application, and according to the face that put, as you know.

Application on Google Play

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