Build your own NVIDIA Shield with the Xbox controller and a mobile Android


Nvidia Shield is the Android handheld NVIDIA hand, priced at $ 299 with Tegra 4 processor inside. However it is only available in the U.S. and Canada, so here we can not get one at nearby stores.

However, there is always the option of Edu Arana, who without thinking twice been willing to Nvidia build their own homemade Shield with command of the Xbox 360 and Android phone.

mobile should preferably be 5 inches, to match the original Shield Screen . Then there is only one case, the remote and USB receiver.

In addition, you need a powerful PC to run any game, so the possibilities beyond even NVIDIA’s own console.

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need the free Splashtop software for streaming and control. an account later use in the mobile application descargándonos Splashtop Remote Desktop 2 . More details in the configuration are the Windowed option to play full screen and little else.

So much for the software. On the hardware you have a video and the entire collection of images to build it step by step.

nvidia-shield-casera1 nvidia-shield-casera2 nvidia-shield-casera3 nvidia-shield-casera4 nvidia-shield-casera5 nvidia-shield-casera6 nvidia-shield-casera7 nvidia-shield-casera8 nvidia-shield-casera9 nvidia-shield-casera10 nvidia-shield-casera11 nvidia-shield-casera12 nvidia-shield-casera13 nvidia-shield-casera14 nvidia-shield-casera15 nvidia-shield-casera16 nvidia-shield-casera17 nvidia-shield-casera18 nvidia-shield-casera19 nvidia-shield-casera20 nvidia-shield-casera21 nvidia-shield-casera23  nvidia-shield- home-22 nvidia-shield-casera24 nvidia-shield-casera25

What do you think of this yourself? Too much work to get a physical controller? Regardless a pleasure to watch as there are still able to impress users with technological assemblies of this style, and that technology does not have to be only for people and companies with high resources.

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Build your own NVIDIA Shield with the Xbox controller and a mobile Android
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February 10, 2014

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