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English - April 22, 2013

With the statistics that brings Android in Spain and the world, we are seeing better campaign and promotion over him everywhere. begins to return important and attractive for people, and that makes even more development is strengthened. It seems impossible to keep a lot of years and have worked so hard for people to believe in him.

applications are in, and have an application is becoming increasingly important. application problem is you have to go looking for specifically to market, and not given undue promotion out of this area. To take advantage of more, and to teach a web application we need an Android emulator, and that’s what we are going to teach today. With this, developers can simply stop showing screenshots of their apps for the web, and instead teach a fully functional version of your application much more attractive.


Over the years we have heard about some emulators, or on the possibilities and intentions can run Android applications on other operating systems. This is interesting to be such application, though it is not useful in all cases, of course. What is useful is to run an app to see live, and can use it. It’s better than a picture, and also a video. It’s the closest to use the app, but from the web.

Manymo is exactly this tool. A website that offers a fast emulator, lightweight and easy to use so that a developer can show your web application and users to test it. This emulator can be embedded on any website, such as with a YouTube video, obtaining an emulation of an application in a web area. This can give you many uses besides advertising the application itself.

Manymo makes this procedure very easy. To start it enter your website can test a sample version of Dropbox. Also can run a version of Android in many different screen resolutions, and different pixel densities. In fact we can even choose how we want to emulate Android version, although that is a function of the subscription.

Any user can run the emulator without any requirement without cost. Create an account used to create our emulator with a particular application, and higher plans increase the amount of releases of the emulator, the ability to use older versions of Android, embed this emulator on a website, and increase timeout emulator no activity until disabled. Obviously is a tool to be used mainly by developers, but users are the ones we benefit from it. We comprehensively test applications in a single web before buying.

Tools such are great for improving the ecosystem, and help both developers and users. Hopefully that will be encouraging and at one time we see websites with embedded applications.

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