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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard FreeEaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

Data loss has become a widespread issue. Many times people accidentally delete their essential data and sometimes data is lost due to any virus infection of hardware failure. These issues will keep on occurring at any time and you will lose all of your essential data. Our main concern is to recover the lost data. Data recovery process can be a bit completed. It becomes complicated when you do not have the right tool to recover the data. People spend a lot of money on different recovery software and experts but both money and time are wasted. You don’t need to worry anymore. If you have deleted your data accidentally and cleared the recycle bin, EaseUS free data recovery software is there for you. This recovery software is known to many people around the globe because of its useful results and simple processing. It is free of cost and saves a lot of time.

There is other free data recovery software available on the internet but EaseUS file recovery software is the best choice for you. It allows you to recover every file with any format, photos, videos, documents, emails, graphics etc. This is the best file recovery software because of its versatile functionality as no other data recovery software can recover so much data with high efficiency. This data recovery has a lot of promising features and a few of them are as follows:

Recover data in any data loss situation

People lose data due to different reasons and situations. Data can be lost due to a virus infection, hardware failure, human error, lost partition or OS crash. Whatever the reason might be, this recovery software will recover all of your data in no time. Partition loss is considered to be a bit difficult to recover but EaseUSdata recovery software makes it so easy to recover your lost partition.

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Preview data

The new version of this data recovery software comes up with an efficient feature that makes recovery so simple and easy for you. It lets you preview your lost audio and video files as well.

Flexible scanning modes

EaseUS file recovery software offers two types of scanning modes for you. Depp scan and a quick scan. Quick scan allows you to do a quick search on your deleted or misplaced files and you can run this scan if you have not lost too much data. Deep scan allows you to scan every sector of your system. This is very helpful in the case you have lost too much valuable data.

Devices supported

EaseUSdata recovery software supports many different devices to recover your data. It includes your hard drive, USB, PC or laptop, camcorder, music player and many such devices. This versatility in its functions makes it the best data recovery software.

This recovery software supports various file systems like FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT and a few more. You need to have a system with a minimum RAM of 128 MB and at least an x86 CPU to support this file recovery software.

How to get started?

  1. You need to select a proper location from where you want your data to be recovers. It also has an option to recover your lost partitions.
  2. You can have a “Quick scan” and a “Deep scan”, depending on the number of files you have lost. You can also pause your recovery process and resume it when you are back again.
  3. Now select the files you need to recover. You need to preview the specific files before you press the recovery option or else you will not be able to recover your desired files.
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