Summary of a movie in English

The cinema has films that are huge and always remembered for their careful and structured script and staging. Avatar is one of them. Directed by James Cameron and launched in 2009. It has become one of the iconic films of the cinema. Let’s see a short summary in English:

Summary of a movie in English

Summary of the movie Avatar

Avatar Aka Pocahontas is about a man named Jake Sully aka John Smith is assisting a group of people of his kind on a trip to a new world called Pandora aka North America. While he is there, he falls in love with a native named Neytiri aka Pocahontas, but she is expected to marry a native warrior named Tsu’tey aka Kocoum, who severely hates Jake / John.

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Jake / John decides to spend time and learn the way of the Na’vis aka Native Americans, and is accepted into the tribe by Neytiri / Pocahontas’ father Eytucan aka Chief Powhatan. Jake / John learns that Colonel Quaritch aka Governor Ratcliffe is planning on invading the Na’vi / Native American territory in order to collect the abundant supply of unobtainium aka gold in which Pandora / North America contains.

After learning this, Jake / John decides to help the Na’vis / Native Americans on defeating Colonel Quartich / Governor Ratcliffe and saving their homeland of Pandora / North America. Jake / John is almost killed, but is rescued by Neytiri / Pocahontas. The injured Jake / John is then taken care of, while Colonel Quaritch / Governor Ratcliffe is punished for being a greedy bastard. The end.

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