Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meaning


Meaning of the queen of Wands card in the Tarot


Named after the Queen of Wands, this card ranks thirteenth of the Suit of Wands of the Lesser Arcanes of the Tarot. On this occasion we will try to make a synthesis of the interpretations and meanings attributed to this specific deck by scholars of this divinatory method, emerged in the remote Italian Middle Ages.

In this card we can see head on the figure of a woman, sitting on a throne: a Queen. His crown is blooming, and in his left hand he wears a sunflower, a symbol of the sun and fire. For symbology experts this flower points to the Skill and Mental Activity of the Queen, the creative ability of fire to manufacture and create new realities. In his right hand he carries a wand, also a sign of his might.

The Queen of Wands wears yellow, which again emphasizes the creative and purifying energy of the fire element, which she represents. Unlike the other queens, the Queen of Wands rests on her throne with her legs open, in what some tarot experts indicate is a clear invitation to sexual enjoyment, so she indicates or refers to people who enjoy them in a balanced way pleasures offered by your body. It is also a sign of passion and fieryness.

At his feet, in a protective attitude, he watches and keeps his throne a black cat. For those initiated in esoteric studies, the presence of this cat in this card speaks of the spiritual protection with which we have from our spiritual protectors, as well as the psychic strength we have as spiritual and light beings.


As for its general meaning, the appearance of this card within a tarot reading may refer an invitation of cards to the consultant to be like the Queen of Wands, that is to say someone affectionate, creator, enthusiastic, with a great energy for the work , the home and the people around it. In this sense, it is a sign that the consultant needs to renew his energies and have a slightly more open attitude towards new ideas, changes and opportunities. Have the ability to see things in perspective, and the courage to face change.

For those of life’s specific fields, the Queen of Wands also has specific meanings. For example, in the work area, the appearance of this card indicates the need to take our work with enthusiasm, in order to perform our tasks and obligations with a big smile on the lips.

At the end of the day, it is our choice that we relate to our work, our colleagues and bosses. Despite the appearance of this card within a consultation that points to the work may be indicating that the specific time to become a leader within the working group is lived, so know the strong aspects of our personality for exploit them, in order to win for us a team that allows us to get as far as possible.

For its part for the loving plane the presence of this card also brings with it important messages that should not be neglected. In the first instance, this card talks about the need for the consultant to change his perception of himself. If we consider ourselves beautiful and attractive, the others will see us like this; on the contrary, if we think we are ugly and dull, that will be the image we will transmit to the world. In this way, to attract that person that we like it is necessary to be connected with our beauty.

Likewise, for those who have a partner or are looking for one, the Queen of Wands appears in a reading of loving consultations to always remind us of the importance of laughter as a food of love. In essential, fill relations and exits, or sharing at home, with laughter, good humor and positive energy, because otherwise the clouds begin to perch on our hopes for the future.

In another sense, although it is careful to read the cards with which the Queen of Wands accompanies herself, sometimes the appearance of this card – especially if the consultant is a woman – may indicate the appearance of a second woman in the life of the beloved man. That is why we have to repair in the other cards, because they are the ones that will tell us if it is only a flirting or if on the contrary there is already an established parallel relationship.

For the economic level this card takes on the same sense as on the economic level: it is necessary to print to our financial world a spark of enthusiasm and creativity, not forgetting that what we project will be what those who come to do business with us. For health this card also indicates how positive it can bring for our body to weave into bad emotions and feelings, and give ourselves to enjoyment, passion and joy.

If it appears inverted

Like the other tarot cards, the Queen of Wands also has a specific meaning if she appears inverted, i.e. head. In this case it takes on a diametrically opposed sense to the one it presents when it is right-shaped.

So you can indicate, whatever the area in which the consultant is asking, the start of a bad streak, full of accidents and setbacks, that will make the person wonder if he will not be destined to be unhappy. However, solutions and advice should be sought in the other cards with which it surrounds itself.

Likewise, it indicates a time of jealousy, envy, conflict, as well as the appearance of a woman, who will become a ruthless and cheating rival, so the consultant must be attentive to protect all areas of his life.

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Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meaning
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August 31, 2019

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