The Dutch giant with the most impressive physique in the world

The Dutch giant with the most impressive physique in the world

Anyone would be surprised to see a man over two meters tall and an imposing physique on the street. Although it looks like a scene straight out of a movie, this giant exists and is a well-known figure in the world of bodybuilding.

This incredible human being has managed to make a name for himself internationally, thanks to his incredible size, strength and determination. Despite his colossal proportions, he stands out as having a kind personality and great dedication to the sport. In this installment we present: “The Dutch giant with the most impressive physique in the world.” Let’s see.

Olivier Richters is a man who stands out for his large body volume. Known as the “Dutch Giant”, he has been declared by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s tallest professional bodybuilder.

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A huge mass of muscles

Born in the Netherlands on September 5, 1989, Oliver stands at a staggering 2.18 meters tall and weighs 155 kilos of pure muscle, thanks to his dedication to bodybuilding and his training regimen and strict diet of he. Undoubtedly, he does not go unnoticed on the streets and many people request photos of him, to have evidence that the giants still live among us.

Richters is a “natural giant”, he does not possess any type of genetic defect that has given him his impressive size. Despite his height, the doctors who have examined him have declared him to be in perfect health, a factor that allows him to continue training and eating normally.

When he turned 14, he had already reached 1.98 meters in height. Richters tells that there was a time in his life, in which every month he grew an extra 4 centimeters and at the age of 17 he reached his current height. But he was not always this strong and muscular, in all his youth he had a very thin body; despite being over two meters tall, he barely weighed 80 kilos. His current physique achieved it in eight years of hard physical work. In all that time, he was able to contain 75 extra kilos, which are reflected in his muscle mass.

To maintain his great figure and get to his current weight, Richters sticks to a sports diet that includes six eggs, oatmeal and protein for breakfast, his most important meal of the day. Then he eats every 2-3 hours, for a total of seven meals a day and about 7,000 calories. Oliver trains for an hour at the end of the day, always with a full stomach, but works out every other day to give his muscles time to recover.

A well-known model and actor

Richters is a non-competitive bodybuilder; Instead of competing with other professional bodybuilders, he takes advantage of his imposing physique to work as an actor and fitness model. He has been in movies like Men in Black, Kingsman, and The Black Widow. He also gives lectures about his experience in the world of bodybuilding and is the founder and CEO of Muscle Meat. Despite the fact that his large size causes a bit of fear, he distinguishes him with a sweet and kind personality. He never refuses to give an autograph or take photos with people on the street.

Oliver has had to adjust to a world that doesn’t always suit him well, due to his height. “Even in the biggest gyms, I have certain problems,” he says. However, he has found a way to turn his size to his advantage.

“You can do a lot more weight and force with a bigger wingspan,” he says. “Of course, you need more time to train.”

Almost all the machines in the gym are useless to him. Olivier, likewise opts for exercises that involve weight such as dumbbells. With these, he can do exercises that allow him to strengthen his muscles, without being limited by the size of the machines and from time to time, he uses some specific equipment, which does not bother him, in order to vary his training routine and continue progressing.

Olivier also had to face a challenging condition, from the moment he was born. Life hasn’t always been easy for him, as he suffers from Pectus Excavatum, a genetic condition in which the breastbone is sunken in and can affect internal organs over time.

Despite this, Olivier did not give up and decided to take action to fix this problem. He underwent several surgeries and working out in the gym to gain muscle also helped him a lot. His determination has paid off and now he has the body and life he always wanted. Although not everything has been easy for him, Olivier has shown that with determination and effort, any obstacle can be overcome.

With a career full of achievements and records, this Dutch giant continues to inspire his fans to achieve his goals and be the best version of themselves.

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