The dark mystery of the Trumps

Curiosities, English - January 12, 2023

The world of world politics is surrounded and immersed in many mysteries and supernatural things, beyond what is apparently seen. This has been demonstrated by facts, such as the mysterious prophecy made by a 19th century writer about Donald Trump and his son. Let’s see the story:

A clear prophecy or a simple coincidence?

A very famous novelist of the 19th century, named Ingersoll Lockwood, wrote three books in which he allegedly predicted the appearance in the future world of Donald Trump and his son Barron, in the presidency of the United States. In fact, he says that he would be the last president in the history of that nation.

In one of the books, entitled “The travels and adventures of little Baron Trump, and his incredible dog Bulger” tells the story of a young millionaire who lives in a castle named Trump. The second work is called “The wonderful underground journey of Baron Trump”. He is always described as a child bored with the tedious luxurious routine of him. His full name was Wilhelm Heinrich Sebastian von Troomp.

Ingersoll Lockwood was not only a man of letters, but also a politician and lawyer. In one of those literary adventures of the 19th century, little Trump embarked on an adventurous trip outside the castle of his father’s tycoon, but it was not a normal journey, but rather underground, because he wanted to verify that the planet it is hollow and that there were cities intras.

The young Trump of history, was informed of the existence of these cities below the earth’s surface, when he read an enigmatic manuscript that his father gave him, which was entitled: “World within a World”, whose author was Don Fum, a famous philosopher. And before he left on his momentous journey, Trump Sr. warned him that “the road to glory is strewn with pitfalls and dangers.” His destination: the interior of the Ural Mountains.

Not being enough all this accumulation of coincidences with current life, the names of the characters and their characteristics, the third book by Ingersoll Lockwood is the most shocking of all: “The ‘Chicago Platform (Democratic)”, where he warns that Trump will be the last president of the North American nation.

As detailed by Lockwood, he will be a subject who claims to represent the common man, who promises to free the population from the yoke of world bankers, as well as those who have legislated the Earth for centuries. At present, he could be described as an “anti-establishment” candidate, as Donald showed, when he was a candidate in 2017.

According to the history of the literary work, it would be in that last presidential term in which the streets would shake. In one scene, the police come out shouting loudly to the inhabitants, to take shelter in their homes and not go out or open the doors.

The enigma of Nikola Tesla and Barron Trump

The chaos had been caused by the violent actions of numerous groups of people with communist and anarchist ideas, who mainly sought to loot the great mansions of the magnates. Curiously, to increase the high level of coincidences, Lockwood recounts in his novels that when the riots approached Madison Sqare, exactly where in his time it was known as “The Fifth Avenue Hotel”, the exact point at which in the present is the great Trump Tower, then the army would come to its defense.

All this has motivated various researchers and web theorists to spread things like Barron Trump is the same Lockwood, who supposedly would have traveled back in time and captured his adventures in books. There are also a large number of versions, such as that Barron Trump is also the reincarnation of Nikola Tesla.

The latter, inspired by the evidence that has been found of the relationship between the engineer John Trump, Donald’s uncle, with the great genius Nikola Tesla, who allegedly apprehended the methods of time travel and these secrets have been maintained and enjoyed that family and would be the cause of his victory in every sense and of having reached the throne where he positioned himself.

True or not, there are many symmetries that reality has with the three books by Ingersoll Lockwood, almost two centuries ago.

Donald Trump was a successful real estate businessman before entering politics.

During his career as an entrepreneur, he built several iconic buildings in New York, including the Trump Tower.

He was the host and executive producer of the television show The Apprentice for several years.

Trump was the first US president not to have previously held public office or served in the military.

During his tenure, Trump implemented economic policies that led to an increase in GDP growth and a decrease in the unemployment rate.

Trump was the first president to actively use Twitter as hTrump fue el primer presidente de Estados Unidos en no haber ocupado anteriormente un cargo público ni haber servido en el ejército.

During his term, Trump implemented economic policies that led to an increase in GDP growth and a decrease in the unemployment rate.

Trump was the first president to actively use Twitter as a political communication tool.

During his term, Trump implemented controversial policies in areas such as immigration, environment, trade and international relations.

Trump was the first president to be twice accused of “incitement to insurrection” by the U.S. Congress.