Why do women prefer Latino men?

Why do women prefer Latino men?

The women of the world, especially the European ones, seem to love men of Latin origin and for many, it is a fantasy that they could never fulfill. According to studies, the physical appearance of Latin Americans greatly attracts foreign women, much more than those who live with them all the time.

The women of the world, especially the European ones, seem to love men of Latin origin and for many, it is a fa...

It is something that happens inversely proportional to the Latino female population, as they melt for the Europeans. On this occasion we will see some reasons that, according to several studies carried out in this regard, would lead them to prefer Latinos. Let’s see:

The Latino is a conqueror by nature

The European population tends for fashion, to invest much more money and dedication to their personal appearance. However, Latinos have a very special sweetness and human warmth, which is reflected in certain chivalrous details. It is a conquering instinct that they seem to carry in their blood, because when they set out to flirt, they put a lot of effort into it.

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Tatiana is a 34-year-old woman who lives in Mexico and thinks that men of Latino origin are very expressive and devoted to affection. In her own words she says:

“They know how to conquer a woman. They keep telling you how beautiful you are; They make you feel that you are special, the only one”.

A good part of them plan to start a family

Unlike the European male population, many Latinos have not yet lost the hope and purpose of one day formalizing a home, a family.

This has been the culture generation after generation. Psychologists know well that instinct prevails to a great extent in a person’s behavior and tastes, which is why they feel more attracted to Latinos, due to their procreation instinct.

They tend to be more fun

Their way of seeing and living life is usually more fun than men from other continents. It seems that they are invaded by the spirit of the party and that makes a European woman fall in love a lot. The personality of a man from the first world tends to be stiff, cold, little given to tenderness or unbridled fun.

According to them, Latinos are better in bed

The Europeans affirm that, without a doubt, Latin American men are more full of passion and desire for affection, which translates into a wonderful role in bed. It is one of the first things they think of when they think of a Latin American.

They have an exotic physique

This is how the women of the old continent describe it. It is not that they consider them ugly, but peculiarly attractive, due to the tone of their skin, the shape of their bodies, the way they wear their hair and their particular way of dressing, very different from the conventional European. Those who attract them the most are the dark-haired.

“Womanizers, little responsible and unfaithful”

That is one of their main fears when imagining themselves next to a Latino man, but at the same time it is another detail that seduces them.

For example, Katia, a 31-year-old woman born in Moscow, tells that she had a Colombian boyfriend with whom she fulfilled the dream of Russian girls, but now she doesn’t want to know anything about him, because she discovered that he was unfaithful for two years. almost all the time that their relationship lasted.

On this, she Katia commented:

“Of course I had a bad experience and my opinion of Latino men is not very favorable. But I’m not just talking about my case, I’ve seen many Latino couples in which the man is unfaithful to his girl and considers it the most normal thing in the world.

They know how to enjoy life

Young Europeans believe almost entirely that people from Latin America know how to enjoy life in better ways and it is a feeling that is transmitted to them as soon as they share with people from that region of the world. According to them, people from this part of the world do not live as anxious about the material part and relax more than Europeans.

The carnivals, festivals, the weekends always on, the streets full of music and the rumba atmosphere, is something very exotic for a European and hundreds of them dream of one day fulfilling their Latin fantasy. They say that what most characterizes a Latino is his swing and passion.

In summary, women are attracted by the following aspects:

  • Family is very important to them and they tend to be very close.
  • For being passionate and expressive in their emotions.
  • For having a culture rich in music, dance and food.
  • Because they are usually very friendly and hospitable to others.

Attraction to a person is a complex combination of factors, including personality, physical appearance, intelligence, and values. Also, preferences and preferences vary widely between people, and you cannot generalize about a group of people based on their ethnicity or nationality. It is important to remember that each person is unique and must be valued for their own individual qualities and characteristics.

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