6 Best Maths Apps For Kids

6 Best Maths Apps For Kids

You want to help your kids get ahead with their studies in any way you can. That’s especially true right now, when kids have seen so much disruption to their education. With this in mind, you can find so many maths resources online, and apps are leading the charge right now. Here are some of the best to help them get ahead in their maths.


DragonBox is an app that helps kids visualise the process for long addition and subtraction. If your kid finds it hard to do this in their maths work, they’re going to find this app so useful, as well as fun.

The app game asks players to go on an adventure with numerical characters, known as Nooms. The graphics are good looking, and the gameplay highly engaging.

There are several versions of DragonBox, so you’ll need to ensure you download the right version for your children. The DragonBox Numbers app is best for kids aged 4 to 9, and the DragonBox Big Numbers app is designed for kids aged 5 to 9, as it deals with more complicated arithmetic.


This app is free to download, and is an excellent resource for many children. There are plenty of different activities on offer, such as shapes, counting, algebra, fractions, and more. Being developed in line with the current curriculum, you’ll see that your kids can get a lot from it.

There’s lots of other features that make the app stand out too. For example, there’s virtual rewards to encourage users to keep coming back to the app, and explanations for when your kid gets the answer wrong. It’s so useful for them to have the issues explained to them, when they’re not getting the right answers.

Bedtime Math

Do you have anxiety around maths yourself, and aren’t sure how to help your child? Then Bedtime Math is going to be the app for you. This app helps kids and adults bond over a daily maths activity, and helps strengthen maths skills.

Every day, you’re offered a word problem by the app. Together you’ll work to solve the problem, and you’ll get an interesting fact in return.

The app has been highly successful, as kids see your own attitudes towards maths change, and that helps them with their skills.

Kids Math

If you’re looking for something that will help with your children’s calculations speed, this is the app for you. It offers several games, such as Maths Test, Sum Finder and Match Making so there’s plenty of variety to keep them interested in playing.

When they play, they’ll be given ten questions at eight different levels. They will have 30 seconds to answer each question, so they’ll soon get used to calculating their answers on the fly. Each time they play, they’ll get new questions too so it’ll never be boring.

The Math Tree

The Math Tree is an app that helps young kids learn about adding and subtracting in a more visual way. The app gives them access to the titular Math Tree, and they’ll be asked to carry out certain tasks. These will usually be adding or subtracting various things to the tree, such as apples, owls, and bluebirds.

They do this by dragging items across the screen, so they can see how these calculations work in a new way. Plus, the graphics are very cute and well done, so it’s visually appealing too.

Moose Math

Moose Math is another great app for younger learners, that makes learning maths much more fun for them. When they play, they’ll be taken on a ‘mathematical adventure’. When they complete activities, they’ll be given rewards. They can use these to build a city in the app.

Adults can monitor their child’s progress through a ‘report card’ feature, so you can see exactly how they’re getting on.

These apps are all excellent for strengthening kids’ maths skills, and helping them learn new ones. They also give you the chance to play with them, and help them get ahead. With these tools, you can help your child boost their skills and start feeling more confident when you assist them with maths.

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