Is this the Mario Bros is gay?

Is this the Mario Bros is gay?

The creator of the video game Super Mario Bros, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that the game has always been an allegory for the gay community where Luigi and Mario brothers were not as was thought, but lovers.

” That was the original intent of the game was a game full of signs of gay culture, Luigi and Mario were a gay couple trying to meet the challenges of a society that rejects them, “he said.

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Yet, as we review the website Infobae, “below, to enter the international market were adapted some content and intentions to reach a Western audience, but if you look carefully, many of the original concepts are present”.

revealing statements gave the designer and the Japanese video game producer who works for Nintendo since 1977, as part of the presentation of the strategy game Pikmin 3.

Although many portals have spread information, bloggers games experts have come to deny the news, assuring that the statements of the creator of Mario Bros are false and disseminated by a dedicated portal “jokes news”.

However, until the moment Nintendo officially has not acted to confirm or refute the information, which is trending on social networks.

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