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English - July 21, 2013

MEGA , the storage project files created by the late founder of Megaupload , since its inception has tried to combat piracy in its new portal. Sometimes search engines has fought who were dedicated to tracking the site for copyright protected content, although has survived such persecution as an effective public file finder MEGA.

It does because it accesses your database. Simply allow your users to submit urls of your files and stores them in its own database to allow other people to find them, which does not violate the terms of use of MEGA. It is a search engine with great popularity in France, with more than 50,000 links saved from various parts of the planet.

Now, as advertise on TorrentFreak, has launched a side project dedicated to the reproduction of video files hosted on MEGA. We just have to specify the url of the file that we save on MEGA and see how it reproduces by stream without having to download the content before. You need to have VLC plugin for Chrome or Firefox, though.

Besides getting play videos, it also supports audio files, being an alternative to listen to what we have stored in our account without to download the material (even though run link by link).

At first, in the birth of , MEGA was responsible for deleting all links targeted From this search, but when removed MEGA logo of their service, this problem disappeared. Kim and his team has not yet ruled on this new project, but I do not think if they can keep your database clean of protected content, as promised from the beginning.
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