3 Sites to save onto your smartphone’s home screen

3 Sites to save onto your smartphone’s home screen

Many people think the only way to make a brand appear as a shortcut on their smartphone is to download their app. The only problem is what happens when it’s a small business that simply hasn’t developed an app for you to be able to use? What many people don’t know is that you can also save your favourite web pages to your smartphone screen as well. These icons look just like a normal app on your phone. The only difference is that when you click on it, a new application isn’t launched on your phone. Instead, the click of the icon launches your preferred internet browser and takes you straight to the webpage of that brand. If this is news to you and you’re wondering exactly what the first website you should save to your phone is, here’s a look at three websites we think you should save onto your smartphone’s home screen immediately.

A casino website

Whilst smartphones have become a massively useful tool when it comes to work, it’s important that you don’t forget that they’re also a great way of entertaining yourself as well. If you become bored of the same simplistic games that you find in the app store, why not subscribe to a website that can offer you a lot more exciting games? For example, a casino website can offer you the same levels of excitement that you experience when you’re stood in a real-life casino. Find some of the best online slots Canada has to offer, filled with lots of different themed games that’ll suit you whether you’re a novice or an expert casino player. Once you’ve saved it to your home screen, you then know you’re just a simple click away from some excitement whenever you need a fun way of passing some time.

Your favourite restaurant or takeaway

When it comes to ordering food or booking a table, you might think that if you’re using your smartphone, you’d be restricted to just the big brands that have their own apps. While apps make these processes a lot easier, it doesn’t mean that you should miss out on your favourite brands just because they don’t have the money to develop an app. Instead, find the booking or ordering page of the website of your favourite brand and save it directly onto your home screen. That way, you can speed up this process and make it almost as easy as ordering on one of the big brands’ apps.

A news website that focuses on what you’re interested in

When it comes to news, you might also feel like you’re restricted to finding out about what the big news apps think is popular. If you’re interested in a more niche topic, why not find a website that covers the big news stories involving that topic and save it to your phone? That way, you’ll have easy access to the news stories that you’re interested in rather than what the big news broadcasters think is newsworthy.

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