Mobile Apps: Industries Which Benefit the Most

Mobile Apps: Industries Which Benefit the Most

Mobile application development has brought benefits to many industries. In a rapidly evolving digital era, the mobile provides convenience, speed and function to create strong competition in many industries. Within the space of a decade, the number of mobile apps has grown to millions thanks to the use of sensors on smartphones, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality. This has led to innovations that engage customers and offer additional support. Here are some industries that have been making the most of mobile apps.  

Finance industry

Recent technological advancements have allowed the finance industry to safely and securely deal with vast amounts of personal and financial data. It is now possible to make several transactions on the move, from checking a balance to instant payments and transfers alongside budgeting, paying bills, getting insurance and much more on apps that are often free to use. Meanwhile, businesses are able to generate invoices and manage secure payments wherever they are. A more recent trend in the financial industry is the use of blockchain, virtual currencies, and cryptocurrencies in mobile apps which increases security which leads to an enhanced user experience.

Healthcare industry

Healthcare apps connect patients, staff and management to create an effective and efficient healthcare relationship. Patients are able to access their files directly and communicate with their doctor or other healthcare professionals via a video consultation. Mobile apps in healthcare have improved patient engagement since an app can send reminders at times when medicines are due to be taken whilst also monitoring side effects. The number of mobile apps in healthcare is growing all the time, changing the way healthcare is provided and accessed, with apps that address specific issues such as weight loss, exercise, pregnancy and women’s health among others. This means that patients are now able to have video appointments with the doctor as well as find out if the doctor is running late.

Retail industry

Mobile apps have changed consumer buying habits in recent years. Businesses are now able to directly interact with their customers with products targeted to their profile.  This means customers can more easily browse products and the processing of transactions is simple and safe. The sums that have been spent on retail apps shows that companies are investing heavily in this area with customers able to display similar items to those in which they have shown an interest in an attempt to make shopping for the customer simply, faster and more accessible which leads to more sales.

Entertainment industry

The entertainment industry uses apps to keep viewers up to date with television shows, films on demand from their mobile devices. and their favourite games.  In gaming, sites like Cherry Jackpot Casino are fully mobile-optimised, making it easier than ever to enjoy a wager while out and about. Music apps provide a playlist feature where favourite tunes can be stored and will also suggest playlists based on previous music been listened to, and the same is available for films and television shows also.    For those offering food or hospitality, mobile apps are used to offer discounts and loyalty programmes as well as to notify users of upcoming events. During a stay at a hotel, a mobile app can send requests to staff to action almost immediately, offer easy billing options and provides a simple way to obtain for the venue to request feedback.

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