Synthesis Google voice learn how to speak in different intonations


The voice synthesis engine of Google, pre-installed on the vast majority of devices, allows Android applications to “speak” with a voice that sounds reasonably human. In the Spanish language of Spain, in addition, the voice spoke with a effusive something excessive, although it seems that lately it has slightly reduced the emotion that we put to the words.

do You like Google talk excited, normal or like a real robot? The latest version of the speech synthesizer of Google allows you to control three different intonations: expressive, something expressive and flat. This last is a fine form of call to the intonation robotics typical of the speech synthesizers for decades.

this changes the intonation

To change the mode in the Google TTS speaks you should go to your settings. Its location may be somewhat hidden, although it is normal to be in the section of Accessibility – Vision. If you cannot find it, the easiest thing is to look for “TTS” in the helpful search engine included in the Android settings.

do Not confuse the intonation with the speed. The speed is configured independently of the engine of Text-to-Speech, while the intonation is a new option included in the settings of Google Text-to-Speech. First you must mark it as default engine, and then press on the icon for the options, to play once more into the options of speech Synthesis.


The change is automatic and you can see it quickly returning to the previous screen and by touching Listen to an example. The change between “expressive” and “something expressive” is subtle, although you do note that will put less salt shaker and joy to the thing. The intonation flat for its part is totally robotics.

see Also more volume

As you probably have noticed in the previous capture, the intonation is not the only thing that changes in Google TTS 3.10. There is a new slider by which you can increase the volume of the voice with the idea of overlapping to whatever might be playing on your mobile at that time.

it Is foreseeable that the version 3.10.9 arrive sooner rather than later Google Play, but if you really can’t wait, you always can download the APK from APKMirror. Requires Android 4.4, as a minimum.

In Xataka Android | Synthesis Google voice 3.9 is integrated in the selector text of Marshmallow

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Synthesis Google voice learn how to speak in different intonations
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October 3, 2016

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