The most jealous woman in the world. From bride to wife

Many people consider that in a relationship a little jealousy is fruitful and it shows that the relationship and love are still alive and, whether they are right or not, the truth is that an excess of jealousy can result in tragedy and the end of a relationship.

The most jealous woman in the world. From bride to wife

His guts were eaten

Paradoxically, however, debi Wood’s jealousy has served to formalize their relationship and get married. Debi was born in England in 1971 and, although it is difficult to establish a range that measures how jealous a person can become, in The case of Debi we can get a good idea for his actions.

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The woman had an affair with Steve Wood and, after some time, they decided to take the big step and married towards the end of 2014. However, man would never have imagined the regime to which he would be bound by his lovely wife and, in large part, to which he has already become accustomed.

The jealous wife oversees the man’s bank accounts to make sure there’s no strange leakage of money because she thinks Steve could spend that money on some other woman. Other than that he checks his cell phone and emails every day, several times a day. But the question does not stop there, for it has also forbidden her to watch television channels where scarce women of clothing pass and, what is the extreme, she has made herself a lie-detector apparatus to subject her husband to the test to corroborate if he tells her the truth.

The unusual is that her husband seems happy with the relationship and is also very sympathetic to the woman, who suffers from delusive jealousy syndrome, also known as Othello syndrome, a psychiatric disorder that makes her believe that her husband is deceiving her All the time. Fortunately for the woman, her surveillance regimen makes it unlikely that something like this will happen, but her syndrome makes her think that her husband’s infidelity could be imminent.

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