Ease Us: The Lost Data Compass

Ease Us: The Lost Data Compass

You’ve been doing your project all semester and when you try to make the final changes your computer crashes, or the only time your boss gave you a major assignment to run with and your hard drive with all the information crashes, even worse your laptop with every document, picture, video, song that you’ve ever had malfunctioned. Stop panicking and take a deep breath, there is a solution, a free solution. Get the EaseUS data recovery software that recovers formatted, deleted or lost data. It’s the best prescription for your problem, whether it’s on a personal computer, laptop or removable device.

It’s free recovery software, all you need to do is to download and install it on your windows device. That is very convenient.

Media Devices

There is a long list of the devices that can be used to recover the data from. They include hard drives, cameras, USBs, mobile devices, pen drive, iPod, zip drive, memory cards among others. Files, audios, photos, music and even emails are retrieved

Data Loss Causes

Some of the sources of data loss include: deletion, corrupt storage, virus outbreak, loss of volume and a system crash. It is really frustrating when it happens, so all you want to do is get your documents and make sure you have several backup options.

Once the software has been installed, you can start recovering. No prior expertise in this field or anything related is required. It is a user friendly and cost-free method. Imagine having to look for a professional you can rely on to help you out, that’s tedious and once you do find one, there is the payment and the fact that you must work using their timelines. With this application, you won’t need to call a million times just to get an update on the progress. It all falls in your hands, that is more effective and convenient.

It’s fast, time saving and effective. Data recovery software – that’s a phrase that is hard to come across so take advantage of the amazing opportunity and get it.

Steps to Recovery

You first need to select the location where your data used to be. When that is done, a scan is run on your computer. There are two types of scans that allow you to recover the data. They include: the quick and deep scans.

A quick scan is done first, it takes a shorter time because it mainly gets easier to retrieve files. Once completed, the deep scan begins. This looks at file indexes and results into several lost documents after a bit more time passes.

This free data recovery software enables you to preview the files. When done, recover them into a folder. Please note that you should never recover any data back into the same area it got lost in.

You can learn to be a Jack of all trades by picking this up as one of the skills. Save the day with just a few clicks.

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