TV Series with the best soundtracks

TV Series with the best soundtracks

We put together a list of some of the TV series with the most memorable soundtracks. Those who put good song after another in each chapter and makes you want to look immediately to listen again to death.

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Sometimes I do not understand why if they give an Oscar for Best soundtrack, best score , and best original song for a movie, do not give a television, and if there is not as it delivered the Emmys ceremony. As good serieadicta I am, I spend a huge part of my life watching TV, and I’ve learned to appreciate all kinds of details in the programs I see. Music is a very important part of the atmosphere, which gives a special to what we see on screen touch. The right song at the right time can raise the boiling point of the emotions it conveys any scene, is undeniable

One of my series favorite now is Suits, and each chapter is fabulous music, so that inspired me to write this post, and remember some series that have some of best soundtracks that come to mind. Of course, the list is not a huge sample, but only a few of the ones I like, but then we do a sequel.


I have to put first, this series of lawyers fable and fun addition to having one of the best soundtracks of television today. There is a chapter at random which is an exception to the rule and is full of good music, this is a series that chapter after chapter has a wizard behind the final edition choosing a soundtrack first category.

Foster The People, Kaiser Chiefs, The Heavy, The Black Jeys, Vampire Weekend, The XX, LCD Soundsystem, Bajofondo, Daniela Andrade, etc. are just a few examples of material appearing on the show. I found lots of excellent artists just seeing Suits. It is total love.

The OC

A series having a good time over, I stopped then see the death of a character, but that does not mean that I had one of the best soundtracks of TV both at the time as if you listen at this time.

Spoon, Jet, Doves, The Killers, The Dandy Warhols, Eels, Interpool, Death Cab for Cutie, Beck, Modest Muse, Placebo, Keane, Ok Go, Belle & Sebastian, The Runaways, Journey, and you stop counting. Four discs with the best music of the series were sold, and years later it is still a leader in TV fabulous music.


Like it or not the HBO series that made ultra famous Lena Dunham, if something has this show has always loved, is a soundtrack fabulous. Maybe for some small some “hipster” or “pop”, but fascinates me, is the most fun there, and the song chosen for the end credits is usually great and can listen complete.

Camera Obscura, MGMT, Fesit, Kelly Clarkson, White Sea, Best Coast, Robyn, John Mayer, Fleet Foxes, La Roux, Black Lips, The Vaccines, Demi Lovato, Regina Spektor, Icona Pop, dare you, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.


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