How To Find The Best Anonymous Browser

Every time you go online you leave there a lot of your personal data, even if you don’t communicate with anybody and don’t leave any comments. New viruses and malware appear, information is collected in the form of cookies, search engines remember your browser history, location, and even email and online storage content can be easily seen and used by 3rd parties. Choose the best anonymous browser and remain secure and safe online.

Idyll browser (Utopia)

Idyll browser is one of the built-in features of Utopia desktop application. Utopia is a secure peer-to-peer (P2P) ecosystem, fully decentralized and end-to-end encrypted. It allows its users to communicate online, share files, make anonymous payments and surf the Internet.

Idyll is based on the latest Tor browser. It doesn’t store your messages, IPs, browsing history and other personal records anywhere, as long as it doesn’t have a server.  Thus no data can leak out of your operating system.

Epic Browser

Epic Browser is a great tool that automatically blocks all tracking attempts during each browser session, such as ads, trackers, fingerprinting, crypto mining, ultrasound signaling, or spying. There is no record of the URLs performed, so no one can follow your browser history. Also, you can use Epic Browser to access blocked websites.

Epic browser is chrome-based and looks very similar to Chrome’s incognito window, that’s why it’s so easy to get used to it.


Another best anonymous browser is Brave, which is widely known among Android users. Actually, it is compatible with all major systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Brave is one of the most user-friendly browsers. Also, it’s pretty fast because there is a built-in Adblock feature and the system automatically blocks pop-up windows and web-trackers.

Brave hides your history, masks your location and uses only encrypted connections to support your privacy.

Comodo Dragon Browser

Comodo Dragon Browser is based on Mozilla Firefox and provides its user security and good performance. The browser is available for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP and with all Mozilla Firefox addons and plugins.

It checks webpages for malware right from the browser (due to built-in anti-virus software) and blocks cookies.

Comodo Dragon Browser also comes with a built-in domain validation technology that effectively detects weak SSL certificates.

Tor Browser

The last but not the least to mention is a Tor Browser. Probably, it’s one of the most famous tools that allows users to search the net anonymously.

Tor Browser hides a user’s location by connecting them to a webpage through different servers around the globe. In some countries Tor is blocked, still, you can configure data during installation and change your location – and use the service wherever you are. Another good thing – you can access websites, that have been blocked.

It’s impossible to use Tor for torrenting and the system is rather slow due to all features and functions. And it doesn’t allow using flash.In conclusion, surfing the internet isn’t secure unless you use an anonymous browser. All of the tools mentioned above are good ways to keep private data safe and confidential. Just consider the differences: Tor is universal and super secure, but a little bit slow, Brave is a good and fast solution for Android, while Comodo Dragon Browser goes perfectly with Windows OS and Idyll is the best choice if you are looking not only for a browser but also for several other privacy tools.

How To Find The Best Anonymous Browser
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February 27, 2020

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