Lucky Boot Animator easily create your own

Lucky Boot Animator easily create your own

In this new article I place much present an application, which even while still in an early phase, allows us to create our own boot animations fully automated system in a very simple manner.

The free application la we can download directly from the Android development forum XDA Developers is called Boot lucky Animator offers us create our own in very few steps.

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There is to say that the prerequisite to play our own boot animation on your Android device, turn by previous rooteo device and that is in possession of the installation of a compatible Kernel with changing Bootanimation for a custom.

What does

Animator Lucky Boot

Animator Lucky Boot is a program still in full development that offers the possibility to create your own animations start a fully automated menara by the program and starting any video file or GIF image.

What makes the program itself is from video or GIF selected in several images and then rename the type part0, part1, part2, part3, and compress them into a file called bootanimation . zip, which must copy manually in our rooteado Android device via any file in Root Explorer / System / media path.

method using Lucky Boot Animator

Lucky Boot Animator easily create your own

The method of use is so simple that it can be summarized in these simple steps:

  • From File option select the GIF or video file to use for our animation system boot. We can also directly drag the file into the program window.
  • Now it will only select the options for the resolution from your Android device and click on the button Create Boot Animation!.
  • Finally we copy the resulting file directly / sytem / media path our terminal Android rooteado.


indicates the application developer himself in the Original XDA thread, this application is in a development phase and could present various glitches, so be welcome to directly discuss possible implementations of solutions

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Download – Lucky Boot Animator

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