The Best 3D Modeling Software for Game Developers

Business, English - February 9, 2020
Image 1. The Best 3D Modeling Software for Game Developers

Choosing the best simulation software is often tricky since it is not easy to find a program that has all the necessary functionality. We offer you our set of the best 3D modelling software for the games industry.

3D modeling software can help turn some ideas into beautiful models and prototypes that can later be used for a variety of purposes. These tools allow you to create models from scratch, regardless of the level of training. Some 3D editors are quite simple, so even a beginner can master them in a short time. Today, 3D models are used in various fields: cinema, computer games, interior design, architecture, and much more. Stay with us, and we will tell you everything you want to know, from software packages to some new slots reviews. 


Wings 3D is an advanced 3D modeling software. Users are provided with many tools with which they can create very realistic models. Wings 3D has a customizable interface, a built-in AutoUV display tool, and can export ready-made files to most popular 3D formats. Despite all its advantages, such as support for virtual display for symmetrical modeling, Wings 3D software does not support animation.

Available for: Windows | OS X | Linux


Daz Studio is a powerful yet completely free 3D modeling software. It is not to say that this is an easy-to-learn tool – beginners will have to study the features of the program for a long time. The creators of the program took care of the user experience, but the convenience of Daz Studio software can not be appreciated immediately. One of the features of the program is the creation of 3D-images with GPU acceleration during rendering, which makes it possible to create very realistic models. Daz Studio software also has support for creating scenes and functionality for animating models.

Available for: Windows | OS X


Free software for 3D modeling Open SCAD was created for serious design (industrial design, interiors, architecture). The artistic aspects of the creators of the program were much less interested. Unlike other applications of this kind, Open SCAD is not an interactive tool – it is a 3D compiler that displays project details in three-dimensional form.

Available for: Windows | OS X | Linux


AutoDesk 123D software is a large set of various tools for CAD and 3D modeling. Using the program, you can design, create, and visualize almost any 3D model. AutoDesk software also supports 3D printing technology. The main AutoDesk 123D website has several satellites where you can find many interesting free 3D models with which you can experiment or simply use them for personal purposes.

Available for: Windows | OS X | IOS |

Image 2. The Best 3D Modeling Software for Game Developers


3DReshaper software is affordable and easy to use 3D modeling software for beginners. The program can be used in various fields, such as art, mining, civil engineering, or shipbuilding. 3DReshaper software comes with support for a variety of scenarios and textures and has many useful tools and features to facilitate the process of three-dimensional modeling.

Available for: Windows


The free 3D Crafter software is designed for real-time 3D modeling, and it is one of the 3D animation softwares. The main feature of this editor is the intuitive drag-and-drop approach. Complex models can be built using simple forms. The program supports sculptural modeling and 3D printing. It is one of the most convenient tools for creating animations.

Available for: Windows


Another open-source software LeoCAD is a computer-aided design system for virtual LEGO models. There are versions for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. The program can be a good alternative to Lego Digital Designer (LDD), as it has a simple interface, supports keyframes, and works in animation mode. It is the animation support that sets LeoCAD software apart from other programs of a similar plan.

Available for: Windows | OS X | Linux


VUE Pioneer software will help you create a three-dimensional model for visualizing the landscape. The software can be useful for advanced users who are looking for convenient rendering tools. Pioneer allows you to create amazing 3D views thanks to a large number of presets and provides direct access to Cornucopia 3D content. Using the program, you can create many lighting effects.

Available for: Windows | OS X


Netfabb software is not only a program for viewing interactive three-dimensional scenes, but it can also be used to analyze, edit, and modify 3D models. The program supports 3D printing and is the easiest and most accessible tool in terms of installation and use.

Available for: Windows | OS X | Linux


LEGO Digital Designer software allows you to build three-dimensional models using virtual bricks (blocks) of the LEGO constructor. The result can be exported to various formats and continue to work in other 3D editors.

Available for: Windows | OS X

Image 3. The Best 3D Modeling Software for Game Developers


The free version of Houdini FX software, Houdini Apprentice, is useful to students, artists, and amateurs who create non-profit projects of three-dimensional models. The program has a somewhat stripped down but at the same time reasonably broad functionality and a carefully thought-out user interface. The disadvantages of the free version include a watermark, which is displayed on 3D-visualization.

Available for: Windows | OS X | Linux


It is one of the 3D software applications for creating working design sheets that allow you to create fairly detailed 3D models. The creators of the program took care of the functions that will enable you to eliminate problem areas through changes and additions to the existing design. DesignSpark software can also quickly change the concept of a 3D product. The program supports direct modeling techniques and 3D-printing models.

Available for: Windows


Sculptris software will open a window to the exciting world of 3D. Features of Sculptris software are convenient navigation and ease of use. Even a beginner who has no experience in digital art or three-dimensional modeling can quickly master the program. The work process is designed so that you can forget about the geometry and just create a model, while carefully consuming computer resources.

Available for: Windows | Linux

Image 4. The Best 3D Modeling Software for Game Developers


The MeshMagic software can be used for 3D-rendering of files, as well as for creating two-dimensional objects or converting them into 3D. The software has an intuitive interface and can be used to solve a variety of problems. Mesh Magic currently only supports Windows. The result is saved in the accessible STL format, which can be opened and edited in most online and offline 3D modeling tools.

Available for: Windows


Today, the gaming industry continues to demonstrate massive growth, and the best game designers can lead creative teams of artists and programmers who together overcome the boundaries of creative imagination and create amazing animated images using the latest technology. 

Please tell us about any 3D software packages and app software you experienced to work with. We would be grateful for any of your details. 

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