The most effective keys to detect a liar

The most effective keys to detect a liar

Knowing when someone is lying is sometimes not easy. There are several techniques for that purpose, but none is 100% accurate. However, some very obvious details stand out that are a sign that that person is trying to deceive us and they are general. Let’s see: “The best ways to detect a liar”:

Often repeats phrases and words

The cause is because he is determined to persuade, and even to deceive himself. Emanuel Glass, a specialist in Psychology at the University of Massachusetts, clarifies that it is a subconscious behavior based on the motivation of being able to validate the deception in one’s own mind. A very telling example is something like: “I don’t, I don’t…” repeatedly.

He gets very stiff

The nerves of a person who is lying usually betray him and then he begins to move and appear somewhat uncomfortable and restless, but experts also point out that the same thing happens with the opposite pole, which is a person with almost no movements. Dr. Glass explains it this way:

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“It may be that your body and mind prepare themselves for the confrontation. When you speak and enter a conversation in a normal way, it is natural to move your body a little and in a relaxed way, with unconscious movements. So if you see someone go rigid, not moving, that’s usually a big sign that something is wrong.”

Rapid head movements

When they are asked a question and their reaction is to shake their head very quickly, there is a very high probability that they are going to lie. The movement can be in a downward, upward, or to the side direction.

Covers his mouth

Another subconscious betrayal of a liar is that one or both hands go to cover his mouth, at moments when he feels cornered or does not want to answer a question. Those who know the human psyche know well that when an adult person covers his mouth, it is an almost unequivocal sign that he wants to hide almost the whole truth.

Move his feet compulsively

The professionals of the human psyche are completely sure that when a person lies, his body almost always comes into conflict with his mind and these exaggerated movements of the feet are evidence of how the body tries to take control. It is a great indication that this person is uncomfortable and nervous and that he most likely wants to run away from there. Looking at a person’s feet can reveal a lot inside him. It is one of the best keys to detect a liar.

Critical areas of the body are covered

Such as the abdomen, throat, or chest. Diane Morrison, an attorney with more than 15 years of experience in court cases, says:

“I’ve seen this many times in court when I worked as a paralegal. She can always tell you if someone’s testimony has touched on a sensitive issue for the defendant when I see her hand automatically cover her throat.”

He barely blinks

The instant someone lies, it’s natural for eye contact to break suspiciously. But many liars know this and venture out to try to maintain a steady gaze, because their goal is to manipulate. For the FBI, when a person is telling the truth, they almost always move their eyes and for a few seconds sometimes stare blankly, while liars have a cold and calculating way of looking.

The extreme case, blinking a lot, is also a sign of lying.

They give information to spare

It is well known in experimental psychology that when an individual begins to talk too much, giving precise and detailed information without being asked for it, it is a warning sign of possible lies. Expecting to be believed, they put effort into their speech.

Pointing fingers more than usual

A very demarcated psychological aspect in liars, is that when in conversation they become hostile and defending themselves, they struggle to turn the subject against their interlocutor. Then you will see gestures of aggressiveness, especially pointing the finger at the other person. They are subconsciously confronting their own lies.

Presents difficulty in expressing him/herself

It is very noticeable in police interrogations. When the suspect is not innocent, it becomes more and more difficult to speak. The central nervous system intervenes and is a great obstacle for those who lie, because it generates stress and anxiety to the point that the mouth dries up.

Another very telling detail is when, from one moment to the next, he is seen biting his lips.

His breathing is also altered

For specialists, this is a reflex action of the mind. If there is an important lie involved, the person becomes out of breath because the heart rate changes drastically.

People who lie may have difficulty keeping their stories consistent and may provide inconsistent or contradictory details.

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