Adding bots to a conversation on Skype for Android

Adding bots to a conversation on Skype for Android

Messaging applications have focused its efforts on two fronts this year include encryption in conversations and integrate bots. These little helpers are the latest trend and are already implemented or in the process in almost all messaging applications.

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Skype did the same and since it launched its platform bots in March say have more than 30,000 developers creating bots. This same platform has received several improvements recently as a new interface using cards and buttons (reminiscent something to the bots Telegram), but surely now you’re wondering one thing: Where the hell are these bots and how can I use

? bots have a problem with the language

the main grace of using bots in a conversation is to communicate with them “as you would with a normal person.” This is the main idea, but when the truth communication with bots still pretty cryptic: “pictures of cats”, “restaurant madrid”, but you can use more free expressions p>

the use of natural language bots will reach sooner or later, but not without a great effort to be repeated or modified slightly for each language. The result? The vast majority of bots platforms that are emerging are limited to English. The rest will come later, if that.

In the case of Skype, the platform bots is only available in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, India, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States. In the rest of the world, much English you speak, you menus and buttons related to bots do not appear. However, you can still use them if you really are very motivated.

You must find the bot on your own

Although there have buttons and menus, functionality bots is active as long when you can add them to your account. Here’s the tricky part, because You can not use search bots Skype and search for users you filter so that only you appear people and not bots.

anyway, you can keep adding bots from direct links as you’ll find in this or, better yet, this other. The truth is that the list is still today very little: those 30,000 developers are taking it calmly

Although there are other pages that list as bots, number of bots Skype at their disposal are also very scarce. In any case, the operation is always the same. Choose the bot that interests you and click on the link to add to chat.

For example, to add CaptionBot, the bot describing the images you send it, you should go href=””> this page and click Add to Skype. In the next window you are prompted to add the bot to your contacts.

Since then, the bot is included in your list of contacts Skype on all platforms, and will continue to respond to your commands (. as long as the bot run at that time, and that for now are quite unstable)

the process as you may have noticed is pretty boring and long, but if you’re dying to test the bots before anyone (outside the countries where they are available), is a way to at least see first hand how Skype is implementing this functionality

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