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Best Encrypted Messenger For Protecting Your Data

Best Encrypted Messenger For Protecting Your DataBest Encrypted Messenger For Protecting Your Data

Almost everything that we do online or on our phones is monitored and tracked – but if you’re serious about getting a handle on your digital privacy, you’ve got options aplenty.

How to secure your digital life? Maybe it’s time to put the privacy question on the table. Despite the fact that the government tries to preserve a balance between public security and anonymity, IT-companies create new encrypted messengers with an extra layer of security or implement end-to-end encryption in current instant messaging services. Modern users became more aware and more attentive to online privacy and want to be assured that their text messages or media files won’t be read or snatched.

Demand begets supply. So, I’ve picked the best private messengers that help you keep your correspondence private.


Utopia is a first-timer in the world of online privacy, self-destructing messaging, and file transfers. In spite of a ‘fledgling status’, Utopia is a decentralized peer-to-peer system that combines the features of the encrypted messenger, email, wallet, and web browser. The developers are obsessive about anonymity, so Utopia uses a NEW method of encryption – Elliptic Curve – that is rendering impossible to be hacked.

As for the instant messaging feature, Utopia offers a classical range of options:

  1. unique emoticon and sticker support;
  2. text and voice messages;
  3. media files sharing;
  4. secret chat and poll support.

What do I love about Utopia? In contrast to the hyped-popular Signal, Utopia doesn’t require a phone number or email address in a sign-up process.

What do devs need to improve?Unfortunately, there is no mobile version. I strongly recommend correcting this omission.


Wickr This is far from an elegant, but rather an ambitious tool. The Wickr’s team promises that there will be no trace of the message history on the device – everything is erased without the possibility of recovery from both a smartphone and servers. The data is reliably protected by the “military encryption algorithm”, the user can control the access time to messages, and the dialogue participants cannot copy the correspondence.

Saying that Wicker has a heavy focus on your anonymity isn’t a jab at the standard messaging features. Here is a set of key features of SMS-powered messaging client:

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  1. Voice&Video calls;
  2. Secure files sharing;
  3. Convenient admin panel for management and configuration.

What do I love about Wicker Me?Wicker lets you send messages that self-destruct after a certain length of time. The secure shredder features securely erase files sent through the application.

Blockchain Messenger BCM-IM

BCM, a blockchain-based message app launches to enable free communication globally. It provides a chance for you to share your ideas, snaps, or video content with other users. Notably, users of BCM whether the are Mark Zuckerberg or Edvard Snowden can hide their identity behind the anonymity on the blockchain. In the process of communication, every bit of your message will be highly encrypted. No one can decrypt the messages during the transferring process.

The key features of BCM-IM messenger:

  1. You may use multiple accs to communicate with people;
  2. Offline chat support;
  3. No phone number and email address are required. Each client generates a random ID;
  4. End-to-end encryption;
  5. All types of communication: messages, voice calls, group chats, files, and personal profile;
  6. Multi-lingual support.

What do I love about BCM-IM?In the case of a secret key leak, the instant profile destruction feature is activated. I’m sure that all my data won’t be grabbed. The final defeat of mass surveillance.

Encrypted Messenger: What Is Your Choice?

Looking at this list of encrypted messengers, I start believing that online anonymity is possible. What is the best instant messaging service? As a young entrepreneur, I’ve picked Utopia. Why? The reasons are obvious.

The combination of email, messenger, payment system = win.

 Decentralized encryption = win.

The extraordinary level of anonymity = win.

Private web browsing = win.

Safe to say that it’s ideal for running a business. As an ordinary user, my choice is Wicker. It’s a convenient, smart, and user-friendly messaging service with powerful end-to-end encryption.

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