Make your own Android: Science Fiction Style

Make your own Android: Science Fiction Style

Today we embark on a new journey in the world of Android customization with a section we expect to endure. It’s called “Create Your Own Android,” and it’s all about transforming our humble phones into works of art. Each installment will explore a different style, ensuring a wide range of possibilities for personalization.

Note: Don’t worry; everything we’ll do here can be easily reversed.

The Sci-Fi Interface Theme

Today, we’ll delve into the realm of science fiction with our Android device. This theme, created by Futant55, draws inspiration from the z-design Wallpaper. Let’s dive into how to install this captivating theme on your phone.

Files Needed:

  • Sci-Fi
  • Ultimate Custom Widget (UCCW) for creating specialized widgets
  • Wallpaper Wizardrii for resizing wallpapers
  • Apex Launcher or Nova Launcher for adjusting dimensions

Preparing the Ground

First, we need to install Apex Launcher. Once installed, clear all shortcuts, and navigate to Menu -> Settings -> Apex Launcher -> Desktop. Adjust the following settings:

  • Edit: Make sure to hide the notification bar.
  • Choose a single screen by selecting Manage screens in the menu.

Next, use Wallpaper Wizardrii to open the wallpaper included in the theme’s zip file. Click Place and then Expand portrait. Your screen should now resemble the sci-fi aesthetic.

Widgets Galore

Now, let’s prepare the UCCW skins. Extract the three files ending with .uzip from sci-fi weather, sci-fi status, and Mid. Open UCCW and then close it. You’ll notice that two folders have been created on your SD card: uccwOutput and UltimateCustom. Copy all the .uzip files into the uccwOutput folder and disconnect your phone from the PC.

Weather Widget

On your home screen, add a new UCCW widget with a size of 5 × 1. When prompted, select Open uzip and navigate to the folder where you placed the sci-fi weather skin. Once it appears on your screen, press it to access the settings menu.

Now, let’s resize it to cover the entire screen and add an extra row for a perfect fit with the background.

Day Widget

Repeat the process, this time using the sci-fi status skin. Adjust the dimensions and size until it aligns perfectly.

Battery Widget

Follow the same steps, but this time start with a 4 × 4 widget. Tweak the dimensions until it’s centered and perfectly sized.


If you want to change an icon for one of your applications, press and hold the icon, then select the “Edit” option. Choose a new image for your icon.

Lock Screen

For the finishing touch, let’s customize the lock screen. First, install Go Locker and then apply the modified Go Locker theme included in the zip. Additionally, the app Phantom will add a unique sound when you lock your phone, enhancing the overall experience.

With these steps, you’ve successfully transformed your Android device into a stunning piece of science fiction. Enjoy the futuristic look and feel of your personalized Android!

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