Hendrik Kerstens, more than 15 years photographing his daughter in the style of Vermeer

We can not ningunear the , we know that many photographers rely on painters as a benchmark for their work and vice versa. The other day my partner Alfonso showed us the fantastic work of portraitist Pierre Gonnord whose photos remind Velazquez paintings. But like I said Gonnord not the only photographer who thrives on classical traditions, in Holland we Hendrik Kerstens whose portraits are reminiscent of the works of Vermeer or Rembrandt , either by lighting or composition used.

Kersten’s work is surprising for two reasons . The first for the simple fact that in 1995, at age 39, decided to leave everything to become a photographer. He modeled his daughter Paula , the only model for over 15 years, for its beauty and its interesting expressionless face. An immutable face by the light used by Kersten in his portraits gives photographs of the aesthetic that Flemish painters seventeenth century gave their works. According to the photographer himself:

It was never my idea

imitate the masters of the seventeenth century class=”caps”> , but may take as a kind of Dutch DNA . Rembrandt’s studio, an art appreciation, has influenced me.

the second reason is the creativity of Kersten. For his fantastic portraits serves as a prop anything, be it a shopping bag or roll . On the other hand, it is to admire the lighting of his photographs, at first only worked with the light coming through the window of his house, but now uses light to study much more professional and more suited to the large chamber format 4 × 5 that used to portray his daughter. Thus, with few means creates true wonders. It is said, the power of imagination.

Kersten has over 15 years doing the same photograph : her daughter with a different outfit in every picture or more years but always the same photo. The dark background contrasts with the clear skin of the girl who runs a mysterious look enhanced by the lighting, but in the words of the artist

is a look that refuses to talk.

Thus, this work of Dutch photographer reminiscent of Flemish painters of the seventeenth century class=”caps”> is a great example of how we can get a great picture with a few things, we just need a large dose of creativity and much wit .

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Photographer | Hendik Kerstens

Hendrik Kerstens, more than 15 years photographing his daughter in the style of Vermeer
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October 13, 2012

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