How VPN can help for Netflix users

Business, English - October 1, 2019
Image 1. How VPN can help for Netflix users

Almost a million people around the world use Netflix to watch movies and TV shows. However, Netflix offers different content in different countries. Even though every user goes through the same website, the content that you can access depends on your geological location. You may have noticed this if you travel abroad and the video you want to watch will not load because it is not available in that region. For instance, you may not be able to view the original Netflix shows such as House of Cards while in Hong Kong, Germany, and Spain. Many Netflix users use a VPN to access Netflix content in other countries. If you live in Hong Kong, and you want to watch a program available only in the U.S.A, you will just activate your VPN software, then head to Netflix. Here is how VPN can help Netflix users.

  • Speed. Netflix is a bandwidth-heavy streaming service with many users. Although you can still access the website using low internet speed, nobody wants to watch a blurry video. With a higher speed for your VPN, you can enjoy your show. A Netflix VPN should provide you with a minimum speed of about 3,000 kbps. Such speed will produce a standard-quality resolution. If you want to watch a high-definition video, you will require at least 5,000 kbps. In case you want a 4k ultra-high-definition quality, you will need a VPN that can produce at least 25,000 kbps.
  • Performance. If your VPN does not have a constant connection, it will be useless even if it is the fastest. Every streaming service sends data from the primary server through the VPN to your computer continuously. With the best VPN, the interruption will not result in poor quality videos or buffering.
  • Apps and Device Compatibility. You may have noticed that people enjoy Netflix on the big screen. Many VPNs can prove to be a problem, especially if they are designed for computer use only. However, current VPNs support devices such as tablets, smartphones, and television screens.
  • Customer Support. At the end of it all, you will have to pay for your VPN services. Having a support team to help you through every process is essential. If your VPN experiences downtime or any other issue, you will want to contact someone who can find a solution for you. While most VPNs have a technical support team, you may find some with less-than-stellar customer support. Make sure you choose a VPN with several contact methods, to be on the safe side.

Having software to bypass Netflix geo-block will open up a world of streaming opportunities. VPNs allow you to access Netflix no matter where you are in the world and in a secure manner. While most people would wish for Netflix to make their content available to all users’ worldwide, copyright laws prevent such an easy fix. As long as content creators continue to pressure Netflix to block titles in some parts of the world, you will have to deal with this issue. Luckily, VPNs allow you to enjoy any content that you want.