Video Editing Softwares for PC

Business, English, Film - September 10, 2020
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The success of a video is when the viewer forgets about the technicalities and gets  involved in the story that is being conveyed in the video. Such a flawless video cannot be directly shot considering the limitations of the camera and the shooting environment. This is where editing comes into play; editors are required to eliminate the technical disturbances in the video and to add creative elements to it to transform it into a visual treat. It is said that an editor is successful when nobody can figure out the editing. The process of editing is complex and involves multiple steps like visualising, brainstorming, technical skills, detailed knowledge of software, etc.

Video is the future of entertainment and marketing, and editing is the tool to master the art of video creation.

Video is the future of entertainment and marketing and editing is the tool to master the art of video creation.

The Role of Video and Video Editing Today:

Let us first consider a super hit movie that received the same amount of love from all corners. What do you think made it a blockbuster? It was the way the movie was presented, the audio, the background tracks, the transitions, the animations and the quality of the video. It is impossible to present an amazing video output without proper and efficient editing. A video is very powerful as it can evoke emotions, can create memories, make people feel nostalgic, and all of it will happen when the audience is completely immersed in the watching experience without facing any distraction.

In a world where billions of videos are created and circulated each day, editing needs to be out of the world to make the video noticed and appreciated.

The following section is a collection of some video editing software that can be used on your PCs to edit and create videos that the world will love.

List of Softwares You Can Trust For Editing Videos on Your PC:

  1. VideoPad:Video editing is a skill that develops with time, and you need to start from somewhere, from the bare basics. This software is just the right match for all the beginners who aspire to create good quality videos. The user interface of VideoPad is relatively easy to understand, and the features are very self-explanatory, which the users would quickly follow. It has multiple displays and unlimited overlay for audio tracks making the editing process fast and smooth.
  2. Lumen5:Are you someone with low technical abilities and still want to master the art of making beautiful videos for putting them up online? Lumen5 is the answer to all your worries as this software is straightforward to use to create short, simple and flashy videos, promos, etc. for uploading on your social media profiles. It would help if you juggled a bit to shortlist the GIFs, music, images and texts you want for the Lumen clip and you are almost done.
  3. InVideo:This software is very widely used and accepted all over Windows and Mac devices. It is often difficult to find an online video editor without watermark, but InVideo creates videos that you want without any watermark. This software has many themes and backdrops that are present, and it supports HD and 4k resolution videos too. You can avail a lot of special effects like picture-in-picture,several video templates, etc.
  4. Openshot:Thinking about free software, has stability and is user-friendly at the same time? It’s none other than Openshot, an open-source video editor that functions on platforms like Mac, Windows and Linux. This too is a feasible option for new learners but has some noticeable features also. You can incorporate unlimited audio tracks, it has 3-D animated effects and titles, has curve-based keyframe animations, and leaves no watermark on the edited video.
  5. Blender:This is a software made with superior features for all the professional video editors. It comes with a 3-dimensional creation suite. Creators have the freedom to render as well as model 3D animations using Blender. It is the best when it comes to 3D world editing.
  6. HitFilm Express:This is a free software to edit videos built with professional visual effects and all-in-one editing technique. The same premium features can be a bit intimidating for the new bees, but this platform is worth using for a great learning process. This software enables the editor to create video and audio transitions using 3D animation tools, excluding the creation of composite shots. This facility saves huge loads of time. HitFilm has many superior features which are worth exploring.
  7. Adobe Premiere Pro:If you aim at making professional videos of premium quality, you need to start using Premiere Pro on your PCs today. The wide array of advanced features it has can make video editors fall in love with it. It has an interface that allows you to store, organise as well as share data with a group online. It has an unmatched skill of colour adjustments and manipulation, has multiple camera options and a lot more opportunities to experiment.
  8. Filmora from Wondershare:This software is a multi-faceted platform to edit high-quality videos on your device. This offering by Wondershare is a standard option for editing processes, and the interface too is simple and easy to adapt. There are a lot of features like transitions, motion elements, a variety of filters, overlays, design elements, etc. The software also offers a small section of royalty-free music to make your videos even more engaging and interactive for the viewers.


Video editing has multiple components that need to be addressed for a truly praiseworthy output. A proper intro of the video is a must and it must not be escaped. An intro gives the audience a basic idea about what they are going to watch and an abrupt start or an abrupt end can agitate the viewers. You can use a free intro maker no watermark like this one here that is available online to do so. A properly shot video and a properly edited video are two very different things that need to be understood by the editors to create content that receives more views and likes.