How can Students Develop their Web Design skills by Blogging

Business, English - April 15, 2019

Image 1. How can Students Develop their Web Design skills by Blogging

For any blog, today the online presence carries the most weight. The very first impression of that comes from the website. The website is the window to the purpose of a business or a blog, and it could make or break what it is indented to deliver. A website design targets the right audience and decides how they view the business. The impression it creates is of the foremost importance to transform a mere viewer into a potential customer.

Blogging offers the opportunity for students to start a business online with minimal investment. It could further help them to develop their writing as well as designing skills. For a blog especially, the emphasis is more on the aesthetics. As there is more emphasis on the written content, it has to be presented with just the right tools to make it intriguing.

So how can one use the features of blogging smartly to improve their web design skills? Read on to find out.

1. Mapping the Strategies

Web designing is not as simple as creating a page online. For it to work out, it is necessary to research what your audience is seeking. Mapping out how the viewer would navigate through the different pages, what the landing pages could be, what user interface should be used, all play a huge role in leading to an excellent design.

Sitemapping would also give the blogger an insight into how the readers would navigate the page. It will help to learn how a webpage essentially works, about streamlining content, creating responsive designs and ultimately, to come up with quality content for the blogs itself.

2. Content Creation

Even if the design is stunning, without quality content, the website might not perform well. As a blogger, at times it might be necessary to look for outside resources to create smart content. Plenty of writing services offer content research and creation that works along the line of your blog perfectly.

If you choose for essay help at EssayPro, the website guarantees that the writer chosen by you will offer exceptional content that satisfies all your prerequisites. Using such services will ensure that the website can upload blogs on a regular basis, especially if one is swamped with other activities. Being a student managing both could be troublesome. So it is definitely a blessing that Essaypro can offer you help with not only content writing for blogs but also for any academic papers.

3. Removing Unwanted Elements

As one begins blogging, there might be a tendency to fill up all pages with things that you think is interesting. However,  if not careful these parts could distract the users and could detract the value of the website. Irrelevant content, superfluous posts, stock images, overuse of jargons are all a few among such factors.

The current audience with the very short span of attention, one gets only a few seconds to make them stay or leave. That is why short and effective content backed by stunning design that highlights the aspects is most attractive.

4. Designing for Social Media

Whether it is for business or blog, the biggest promotional market out there is social media. Social media buttons on the webpage are now one of the must-have elements on the website. Users might not regularly check the site, however, the chances are that they might follow you on social media. It might even prove to be better than requesting views to sign up for newsletters.

If the audience arrives at the page from social media or vice versa, It could act as lead generation and boost traffic to the blog.

5. Understand the Workings of CTA

For newcomers to blogging. CTA is an essential chapter. Call To Action works as a way to indicate the users on what to do next once they are done reading the blog. These CTAs should be carefully designed and placed strategically on the website, or else it would appear only as spam.

Even for blogs, these CTAs should be informative, educational or provide a solution for the audience. It should not be a hollow representation of service that, by the end of the day, does not bring any value to them.

Today the purposes of many blogs come down to lead generation and boosting business. Hence, starting a blog could help students tremendously to understand the workings of creative web design to apply for their future enterprises. After all, there is nothing like having your own platform to do trial and runs to attain success in the end.