Android is the Main Platform for Phone Casinos

Whether you’re in the Android camp or iPhone camp, you can play on mobile casinos. Of course, one has to be better than the other and in this regard Android seems to come out on top. Check out why you should be using these devices to play.

When you play with an Android phone, you get an awesome experience and get to play in style. Android devices generally tend to be more attractive to gamers as they have a bit more flexibility involved. There are hundreds of makes and models running this OS, compared to just a few using iOS.

Android is the Main Platform for Phone Casinos

Looking at the population of smartphone users as a whole, there are periods in which each developer comes out on top. In the casino world, phone casinos and phone apps for Android are more popular among visitors for a variety of different reasons. Blackberrys and Windows Phones don’t really take much of the market share at all.

Both Android and Apple have a bit of an uneasy relationship with the casino world, as they want to be seen as squeaky clean. They don’t tend to allow gambling apps within their app stores, meaning that players must install them from the site directly. This helps to keep them clear from any litigation about underage players or their duty of care. Google are more forthcoming on their settings and services, more thoroughly explaining how to unpack APK files and the risks involved.

The higher price tag on Apple devices can be a serious deterrent for gamers, as hardcore ones look at the hardware and not just the brand name. When comparing these aspects, some lower value Android devices actually have similar, if not better, specs. This may not be something that your average user checks out but if you like to play on mobile casinos then you may be looking for something in particular.

Android is the Main Platform for Phone Casinos

Android developers have a reputation for being more forward thinking than their Apple counterparts and their devices are much less restrictive. The ethos of Steve Jobs was to create a closed end to end system for Apple, which isn’t what many gamers are looking for. They want to overclock, customise and make the device their own even if it is just for playing casino games. This just isn’t possible with an Apple device, even if users void the warranty and opt to jailbreak it for the simplest tasks.

Playing with a mobile site can allow you to access a game wherever you are, so it shouldn’t really matter too much which OS you are using. It’s interesting to see that the trend is towards Android players and it seems to be indicative of the tech industry as a whole.

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