EaseUS Data Recovery (review)

A lot of us are careless with the way we handle things and more than once, you would have deleted a file you shouldn’t have. It hurts when things like this happen and you would squeeze your face for a few minutes, but there is great news. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can bring back your precious file which you mistakenly deleted. The software is available for Windows and Mac and this article will discuss how this data recovery software works and how effective it is.

EaseUS Data Recovery (review)


The program takes a very short time to download and install. It takes only about a minute and every option available is self-explained. While installing, keep the “Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard” option checked so the Data Recovery Softwarecan open on its own.


The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has an easy to use User Interface. It does not come with a menu bar so the number of icons is minimal and they are all at the top-right corner (import scan status, maximize, minimize, close, feedback and menu). Every tool you need to put this data recovery software to full usage can be accessed from the menu icon. It is really convenient to use since there aren’t much settings options to bother with.

What to search and where

If you want to search for files, click on “Home” and you will be able to choose the file you want to search for. On the next screen that pops up, you can select your hard drive location. Note that only one location, drive or folder can be searched through at a time.


At the bottom-right corner is the scan option. You can do a quick scan or a deep scan. A quick scan takes roughly four minutes and comes up with just a few files while the deep scan comes up with more than hundreds of files and takes up to 3 hours. You have the option to pause a deep scan and view the files that have been recovered so far. A deep scan if stopped midway would have found a lot of files and this says a lot about the thoroughness of the recovery software.

CPU Usage

The deep scanning uses a large chunk of the CPU since it takes much longer to complete. So it is advised that you get busy with something else while waiting for the scan to finish.

Lost files recovery

Recovering lost files is pretty easy. You can recover selected files one after the other or select all the ones you wish to recover and click on “Recover” to recover them all at once. You will choose a location to save the recovered files. Pretty easy ain’t it?

There is a free trial of the software available but you can’t do recovery with it. You can only go as far as scanning to see the files you can recover. With EaseUS Data Recovery wizard, the fear of losing your data is eliminated once and for all.

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