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The mysterious supernatural entity that attacked some people in Mexico

The mysterious supernatural entity that attacked some people in MexicoThe mysterious supernatural entity that attacked some people in Mexico

Living a paranormal experience in the flesh can be very traumatic. There are many stories that seem fantastic and hard to believe, but when it happens to several people at the same time, it is ruled out that the experience is the product of fantasy or fiction. This was the case of a policeman in Monterrey, who was attacked by an evil entity. Below we present: the incredible story of the man who was attacked by a supernatural entity. Let’s see:

This happened in Mexico. This country has a great fame for being the home of many shamans, descendants of the ancient Mayas, and witches, people who practice black magic and sorcery, are also very popular. It is for this reason that Mexico has become the scene of mysterious paranormal events, which remain in the memory of its inhabitants and give rise to amazing stories and legends.

One of these events happened on January 16, 2004, in the municipality of Guadalupe Nuevo Leon. A police officer was on his routine patrol when he was attacked by a supernatural entity. The patrol car was passing near the Valles de la Silla neighborhood, when the agent observed something quite bulky and heavy falling from a tree.

Before falling to the ground, it began to float slowly, heading directly towards him. The figure was illuminated by the vehicle’s lights and he noticed a humanoid form with a robe covering its entire body. Its appearance was feminine and it had huge black eyes. This disturbing creature fit the description of the popular witches in horror stories.

The shadowy entity rushed at the policeman’s car and shook him aggressively. The frightened officer tried to call for help over the radio. Instinctively, he began to move the patrol car back and forth, trying to get the supernatural entity off the car. While the officer was maneuvering, the witch tried to break the windshield with her claws to get closer to her victim. When the event became uncontrollable, the agent crashed and lost consciousness due to the strong impact.

Minutes later, officers arrived and received the call for help over the radio. When the officer in question began to regain consciousness, he told his colleagues and paramedics about the mysterious incident, but his account was not believed. However, rumors quickly spread and the media arrived on the scene. The officer was interviewed and stated the following:

“The entity was a woman with completely black eyes, no pupils and she looked at me menacingly. She started tearing at the windshield, trying to break it and grab me with her claws. She was dressed in black with a sort of hood covering her head. While I was calling for backup, the attack intensified and the patrol car ended up crashed.”

The officer was subjected to several toxicity tests, to check if he was under the influence of alcoholic or hallucinogenic substances, but the results ruled out any possibility of this being the case.

He was also subjected to psychological tests, due to the traumatic event. This only generated more intrigue and theories began to circulate about huge birds and people who disguised themselves to fill the streets with terror, but all these intrigues ceased when the fact was confirmed, thanks to a recording made by a resident of Monterrey, which clearly shows a humanoid flying over the hills surrounding the city of Monterrey.

The news went viral and many residents also shared their testimonies, which support having seen the same entity in the early morning of January 16, 2004. Another policeman from Guadalupe also told the media that he saw a person flying on a broomstick, in the style of the classic witches. This is what he stated to the media:

“Suddenly, I saw a person flying towards me on a broomstick, as if it were a witch. Instinctively I closed my eyes and the feeling of cold increased. It did not attack me. I only felt how it went through my body; when I opened my eyes, the entity was moving away, it was a very traumatic event”.

The most common cases of supernatural entity attacks are attacks by ghosts, demons and extraterrestrial entities. The following are some of the more notable cases that have been reported over the years.

Ghost attacks

Ghost attacks are one of the most common types of supernatural attacks. Many people claim to have been attacked by evil spirits that cause them physical and emotional discomfort. Some of the symptoms that have been described include feeling suffocated, having recurring nightmares, experiencing unexplained pain in different parts of the body, and having a tight feeling in the chest.

One notorious case is that of Doris Bither, who claimed to have been attacked by three male spirits in her California home. Bither’s experience was made famous in the movie “The Entity” (1982), which was based on her story. Bither claimed that the spirits beat and raped her, and that these attacks continued for several years before she was able to get help.

Demon attacks

Demon attacks are another type of supernatural attack that has been reported over the years. These attacks often involve feelings of terror and oppression, and victims may experience sleep paralysis, hallucinations and demonic visions. Some people have also claimed to have been possessed by demons.

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One of the most famous cases of demonic possession is that of Anneliese Michel, a young German woman who died in 1976 after undergoing several exorcisms by Catholic priests. Michel had been diagnosed with epilepsy and depression, but her family and priests believed she was possessed by demons. Michel died after suffering extreme dehydration and pneumonia, which led to the condemnation of the priests and an intense debate about the validity of exorcisms.

Attacks by extraterrestrial entities:

Attacks by extraterrestrial entities are less common than attacks by ghosts and demons, but have still been reported by a significant number of people. These attacks often involve abductions and experiments performed by extraterrestrial beings, and victims may experience loss of time, unexplained physical and psychological changes, and the feeling of being under the control of another entity.

One of the best known cases of extraterrestrial abduction is that of Betty and Barney Hill, who claimed to have been abducted by extraterrestrial beings in 1961 in New Hampshire, USA. The Hills reported seeing a spaceship and humanoid beings through their windows while driving down the road.

They then claimed to have experienced a period of lost time and to have undergone medical examinations performed by the extraterrestrial beings. The Hill case was the first widely known extraterrestrial abduction case and has been the subject of much research and controversy.

It is important to keep in mind that many of these cases have not been scientifically verified, and most of them can be explained by natural or psychological causes. For example, ghost attacks can be attributed to sleep paralysis, which is a condition in which the person temporarily wakes up but cannot move or speak, which can be frightening and feel like a malevolent presence in the room. Demon attacks can be the result of psychological disorders such as schizophrenia or epilepsy, which can cause hallucinations and delusions.

In addition to the cases mentioned above, there are many other reports of attacks by supernatural entities that have been recorded over the years throughout the world. For example, in Mexico there is the legend of “La Llorona”, a woman who cries and searches for her children at night and it is said that she can appear and haunt people who are in her path.

There are also reports of attacks by supernatural entities in abandoned or haunted locations, such as old houses, cemeteries, psychiatric hospitals and castles. These places often have a history of tragedies or traumatic events that are believed to have left residual energies or supernatural presences.

In some cases, attacks by supernatural entities may be attributed to suggestion or the influence of popular culture. For example, some people may be afraid of vampires after watching horror movies and experience nightmares and feelings of fear.

Although there is no conclusive evidence for the existence of supernatural entities, the study of these cases can be valuable in understanding people’s beliefs and culture. In addition, scientific research can help find explanations for phenomena that are often attributed to the supernatural, and help people better manage their experiences and fears.

Today, attacks by supernatural entities continue to be the subject of study and discussion in a variety of fields, including psychology, anthropology, sociology and parapsychology. Parapsychology is a field of research that focuses on the study of paranormal and supernatural phenomena, and has attempted to investigate cases of supernatural entity attacks through various methods.

One of the tools used by parapsychology to investigate these cases are field research techniques, which consist of visiting the places where the attacks have been reported and conducting interviews with the people who have experienced them. Energy and radiation measurement techniques are also used to try to detect supernatural presences.

Another approach used by parapsychology is the analysis of anecdotal evidence. Anecdotal evidence refers to the accounts of people who have experienced attacks by supernatural entities, and although they are not scientific evidence, they can provide valuable information for understanding these phenomena.

However, parapsychology and other fields related to the study of the paranormal have been criticized for lack of scientific rigor and lack of conclusive evidence. Many of the studies conducted in these fields have been discredited for lack of adequate controls and lack of replication.

Ultimately, the study of supernatural entity attacks remains a controversial and contentious topic. While there are many stories and accounts of such cases, scientific evidence to support their existence remains scarce. In the meantime, it is important that people maintain a critical and skeptical attitude toward these accounts and seek rational explanations before jumping to supernatural conclusions.

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