Get Your MCSA MB2-716 Exam: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certification and Become Technical Support Engineer

Get Your MCSA MB2-716 Exam: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certification and Become Technical Support Engineer

Looking for a job in the IT sphere? Already working, but need some boost for your career? Microsoft can help you: this company offers reputable certifications for the IT specialists. With a credential from Microsoft, you will be able to enhance your technical skills and get your dream job. If you have any doubts concerning the credential path you need to choose, you can get more information about different certification options on the official Microsoft website. Here you will find a comprehensive guide, exam descriptions, and possible career choices.

There is no doubt that of all credential paths offered by Microsoft, MCSA is the most popular. This path opens many possibilities for beginners and intermediate-level specialists as it covers all the technologies developed by Microsoft. Today, we will focus on MCSA: Microsoft Dynamics 365 certification because with this credential you can get a very promising job of Technical Support Engineer and move forward to get expert-level MCSE: Business Applications certification.

MCSA: Microsoft Dynamics 365 credential is tailored to measure the potential of individuals in specific sectors of Microsoft Dynamics. The candidate is required to succeed in Microsoft MB2-715 and MB2-716 exams in order to obtain it.

  • MB2-715: Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer engagement Online Deployment. This test is intended to validate your abilities related to the creation of customer organizational structure, Microsoft Dynamics 365 administration, and more.
  • MB2-716: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization and Configuration. This exam is focused on topics such as configuration and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and creation of visualizations, forms, solutions, and views.

In this article, we will discuss the details of MB2-716 exam so you can have a picture of the certification process. So, let’s dive into the details of MB2-716.

About the exam

Microsoft MB2-716 is a certification test that is also known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization and Configuration. Its latest version was launched in February 2017. The major objective of the exam is to help one to gain expertise in configuring and customizing Microsoft Dynamics 365. The test further provides the individuals with abilities required to formulate new techniques that help in the field of Information Technology. Also, the course equips the test takers with the skills needed to deal with any issues and shortcomings that may arise in the actual workplace.

Exam Structure

Microsoft MB2-716 exam tests the potential of the candidate to meet the clients’ requirements and skills to design and customize applications. Passing this test is required for one to obtain MCSA: Microsoft Dynamics 365 certification.

The exam is offered in the online format. The examinees can sit for the test from any country using any PC that has access to the Internet while being supervised with the help of a microphone and a web-camera. The candidates are also expected to pay a fee of $165 that does not include additional taxes. The exam cost cannot be lowered by any promotional codes or discounts offered to the Microsoft Imagine Academy program members, Microsoft Certified Trainers, and Microsoft Partner Network program members. The company has the right to change the exam cost at any time with no prior notice, so the potential test takers are required to confirm the actual charges before applying.

The students who reschedule or cancel their test five days before to the actual exam day receive only a partial refund while those who do not show up for the test or fail to cancel or reschedule it lose the whole sum of money.

Exam Tested Areas

The major areas that MB2-716 certification exam focuses on are listed below, but the test may include some questions from other areas as well.

  • Configuring Free Microsoft MB2-716 Microsoft Dynamics 365. The candidate will be required to configure the Microsoft Dynamics 365 settings, security, email services and integrate it with other Office 365 provisions.
  • Implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 entities, including entity relationships and fields. It determines whether the candidate can manage Microsoft Dynamics entities and implement their relations, understand and configure its appropriate fields, and configure customizations recommended in the field.
  • Creation and management of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, forms, views, and visualizations. This section tests the candidate’s ability to create and manage Microsoft Dynamics solutions, customize its forms, implement views and visualizations, and configure mobile devices.
  • Implementation of rules of business, flows of work, and flows of business processes. The examinee is also tested whether he or she is competent for the implementation and management of business rules, implementation and management of workflows, communications, and custom actions.

Preparation Materials and Training Courses

The candidates are advised to consider taking part in either self-training or the training courses offered by the community as they will help them during the exam and even in the actual job. No matter how much the students are encouraged to read extensively and deeply, they should also be keen while choosing the study materials at their disposal.

This is because some materials available online are not officiated. They may carry too much irrelevant information for the selected course. Purchasing and reading through such materials would be a real waste of your money and time.

The good news is that Microsoft offers various preparation materials at its official Microsoft Dynamics learning portal. Besides studying these materials, the candidate is also expected to carry out as many practice tests as possible, as this revision for the exam will prepare you how to face the problems of the actual IT job. The Microsoft Dynamics portal also provides the candidate with the official exam guide, assessment tasks, and practice questions.

Exam dumps are another option you can use for your exam preparation. With the help of the dumps, you will study the exam pattern, which will enable you to develop the approach for different types of questions. But be careful and don’t use the dumps from the unreliable websites. You can find the high-quality exam dumps on such reliable platform as Prep-Away.

Career Opportunities

Once you become certified, you are eligible for various job opportunities in the IT field, such as technical support engineers, system administrators, and implementation consultants. Microsoft MCSA credential obtained after passing MB2-716 test is vital in the field of sales and extremely useful for any individual who wants to venture into the area of Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management, which deals with consultations on software solutions. The company often updates its certification tests, and MB2-716 exam is an important tool for measuring the candidate’s potential in CRM.

What’s next?

As we already mentioned, upon the completion of your MCSA you can proceed to MCSE: Business Applications certification. It can be obtained by passing one particular exam. Below you will find a short description of Microsoft exams associated with Dynamics 365 on the MCSE level. You can consider passing one them basing on your skills and needs.

  • MB2-717: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. This exam is dedicated to the topics related to the management of Leads and Opportunities, Relationship and Sales Analysis, Sale Process, and more.
  • MB6-896: Distribution and Trade in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. This test includes topics such as customer and vendor relationships, sales process, purchase process, and more.
  • MB6-895: Financial Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. This exam is focused on the set up and management of the core financial modules and Budgeting module.


The certification obtained after passing the mentioned exams leads the holder to a variety of good business opportunities. Therefore, it is a good choice for anyone, although the tested topics are numerous and challenging. Given the nature of the test, the aspiring candidates should be ready to read deeply and extensively, as well as choose the necessary materials, so that they may succeed in the exam.

Taking practice tests is recommended as a part of revision for any exam whether it is MB2-716, MB2-715, MB2-717, MB6-896, or MB6-895 exam. The credential is always relevant, as Microsoft always updates its exams, especially everything related to CRM. This should give confidence to those who wish to take this course that any skill they need to be equipped with is the skill necessary for the job.

Microsoft exams are conducted online, so they can be conveniently taken without the need to look for the nearest test center. The exam officials monitor the whole test process thus cheating is impossible. This is why the employers are so sure that the certified individuals are well-equipped for any relevant task.

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