Technology and career nowadays

Technology and career nowadays

It is evident from our history that technology has simplified tasks for us. However, there is a wide belief that modern technology takes away certain roles from workers and is thus against the hi-tech environment.

Does Technology Create New Job?

Some industries shrink due to technology some create new roles producing more jobs like digital market managers, app developers, and drone pilots are jobs created because of modern technology.

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Top 5 Jobs Created by Modern Technology:

1. Social Media Manager

Most publicity nowadays is done through social media, before that this role did not exist. Now celebrities, businesses, agencies have their own platform on Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites and in some cases run an entire business through that.

2. Digital Marketer

This role basically applies conventional marketing theories like creating marketing campaign digitally by using search engine optimization (SEO) increasing traffic to the company’s webpage.

3. Wind Energy Engineer

Due to the rise of latest technology alternative energy sources have grown swiftly thus creating new job roles in geothermal, solar, wind power sector. You can apply as atmospheric scientists, wind energy engineers, and renewable solutions designers.

4. Drone Pilot

Drones are a thing now, therefore need pilots who offer services to capture drone shots whether from the property, wedding ceremony, pizza delivery or asset management.

5. App Developer

Smartphones have taken over within a decade, and currently, we have almost 3 million apps ranging from all field of life Google Play and Play Store. If you are an app developer, congratulations the future is yours.

Research shows that technology creates jobs

According to research data of 140 years, modern technology has produced far more jobs than it destroyed. Fear of being replaced by robots has been there since the rise of technology; however, it has not been the case. 1871 census results in England revealed that the latest technology has created more jobs instead of making humans obsolete.

Machines have made tasks easy and tireless for humans. Due to technological counterparts, humans can do more work efficiently, accurately and effortlessly. The research also states that human labour cannot be eliminated in a long time.

Although the decline in some labours could be evident in agriculture and other relevant businesses, productivity has increased.

How to deal with the rise in technology?

It is wise to prepare for the latest technology and extract the best benefits out of it instead of fearing replacement. All good managers agree that robots or machines can never replace human intelligence. A good manager will install cutting edge technology but at the same time train their workforce to utilize that newly installed software to fullest. No machine can substitute human abilities but can speed up administrative work, sort data, help managers to make wiser and more accurate decisions.

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