Powerful and Incredible Things You Can Do With Your Mind

Powerful and Incredible Things You Can Do With Your Mind

In American culture it is common for people to have the concept that the mind is separate from the body. However, Eastern cultures such as the ancient Chinese, Buddhists, Hindus, Shivaists, etc, believe and have shown that there is a close relationship between the two and every human being could do wonders if he or she set his or her mind to it.

Next, we will see some of those powerful and incredible things that one can do with the mind:

The placebo effect

Science has been quite astonished to note the incredible power of thought and belief. Experiments have been done in which patients are tricked by giving them pills that do not contain any kind of medicine, but they believe that they are potent drugs that will alleviate the ailment that afflicts them.

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Indeed, when analyzing the physiological reactions after ingestion, the organism behaves as if it had actually consumed what the person was told.  It is the power of thought that has the capacity to do what the individual affirms with certainty. It is duly demonstrated.

The power of visualization

Every day, quantum physicists and science in general, marvel at the capacity that we human beings have to be able to project images at will.

The so-called “mirror neurons” have been studied, which were recently discovered and are the explanation of why when someone vividly visualizes some task or some achievement to be accomplished, seeing them already completed in the imagination, then it happens that as if by magic it becomes a reality.

A great recorded example is that of Colonel George Hall, U.S. Air Force. In the Vietnam War he was held hostage for more than seven years. In his dark cell he could do nothing but use his powerful imagination. He would then completely forget where he was and transport himself to a golf course and play with great concentration.

He was one of the few survivors to be released and the first thing he did was to play golf for days on end. His visions came true. The world’s top athletes have confessed that they first visualize themselves winning the competition and that is infallible.

NASA has been applying it for years, with astronauts. Before a mission, they first do everything in their minds. In this way, the subconscious is programmed like a computer to do what it has been stipulated to do.

Psychological anesthesia

Dr. Angel Escudero, from Spain, has been teaching the world for almost half a century what he discovered at the beginning of his career as a neurological surgeon: it is possible for a person to anesthetize himself, to remove any pain that afflicts him, small, large or extreme, whatever the circumstance, with the power of thought itself.

It is so surprising, that in the videos that are found on the web on the subject, operations are shown in which the doctor does not use any kind of anesthesia. Even deliveries.

Pain is a very enigmatic phenomenon about which very little is known so far. Dr. Escudero structured a simple technique to give orders to the brain and deactivate the areas in charge of perceiving pain.

It is possible to lose weight by imagining that you have already lost weight.

One of the most distinguished Harvard psychologists, Dr. Ellen Langer, was able to demonstrate that to lose weight, the main key is to feel a great motivation for wanting to achieve it, and especially, to visualize oneself as if one already had the ideal weight and figure.

To do this, she used some hotel employees, most of whom were overweight. When she questioned them, she found that 7 out of 10 felt that they were very sedentary because of their work. But the psychologist showed them that because of all the movement and activities they had to perform, the calorie burn was enough to keep them in good shape, to the point of convincing them of this.

The following month, all the women had drastically reduced their weight, not because their routines had changed, but because of their way of thinking.

Drying of blankets

Scientists have been able to record on several occasions, that some Tibetan monks, who have lent themselves for experiments, have managed to dry their wet blankets, only with the power of the mind.

They do it through a technique they called “Tum-mo”. After several times wetting them with cold water, at a temperature of 9.4 degrees Celsius in a room where the temperature does not exceed 5 degrees, they were surprised to see that, in less than an hour, the monks managed to increase their body heat and completely dry their blankets.

Any other person, not only would not have been able to dry a single drop, but in such thermal conditions would have fallen into hypothermia imminently.

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