Pokemon go review-the best VR android apps with emotion

Pokemon go review-the best VR android apps with emotion
In the past, we can’t imagine the combination of the animation world and the real world. For example, mural can flow on the walls, free-form phrases can scatter in the sky. And now, the use of AR technology already makes these become a reality. Because of AR technology scalability, anyone with smartphone can participate to the AR, thus dramatically expanding the scope of scientific and technological circles. As the combination of AR and mobile phone, although the latest called Pokemon go has released more than two months, the player’s enthusiasm for the game remains undiminished. The popularity of this game is unlike anything the world has ever seen before.

Pokemon go is a game which needs you to explore into the real world with your phone. When you open your camera in the phone and go out, you will find various of characters in the game which can be captured. Also they can be used in other sections of the game. In this game, players are required to walk different locations as soon as possible to catch more kinds of characters like parks, lake, and in city centers where there ¡s a lot of churches and artwork around. So many players walk around a bunch of different places to play the game. It means that the more locations you walk around and interact with, the more characters you will meet in the game.

And in this way, there are some interesting scenes you meet them which may make you feel amazing or ridiculous, For example:

1.When you drink the juice, the pokemon comes out.

2.When you are shopping, the pokemon appears and it seems want to rub you.

3.When you eat crab it watches you. So are you willing to eat:)

Besides, you can participate one of three teams and them make a battle with your pokemon in gyms, which is the real gyms in the world. And if the gym belongs to your team, you can give help to against others. While it belongs to others, you can make a fight to defeat it.

We watched the cartoon and games which guys in there met many new friends, defeated the Union and Hall Road and became champion, also we see the pokemon become stronger and more handsome from we young to grow up. And we don’t ever imagine that one day we will become the protagonist, to find our own Pikachu. With the pokemon, we can make adventures, also we may go to the volcano for Gula Dayton, or explore under the deep sea for Neptune Orient teeth¡­¡­. Everything becomes so incredible. Why this game can be so popular, perhaps not only it is a new type of simulation gameplay, but also in that it mobilizes our childhood feelings, and completes a childhood dream of warriors.

Don’t you install the popular app yet? Get the wonderful Pokemon Go download at any Android App store such as 9apps. It totally deserves a try!

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