Five of Cups Tarot Card Meaning


Five of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Known with the Five Of Cups, this card occupies as its name the fifth place of the cup stick of this divinatory method created in medieval Italy and christened Tarot. On this occasion we will point out the most noteworthy symbolic features of this deck, as well as most of the interpretations, both alone and in combination, that make it the experts in this oracle.

In it we can see with their backs to a tall figure, which could well be a man or a woman, who looks towards the distance while wrapped in a black cape, which is interpreted by some as a sign of mourning or mourning. His head is shrunken as a symbol of pain.

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At his feet are five cups, three of which have been spilled letting their contents run, which is identified by some experts in symbology as a sign of loss. However, symbol scholars also underline the two standing cups, which send the consultant the message that not everything is lost.

Likewise, in front of him is a bridge that can be understood as an invitation to leave the past that we have behind us and continue towards the future, understanding that a part of what we lost or left will always be with and in us.

It is then time to act with determination, to leave behind what was lost and move towards the future with what we have left in our two cups. On the other side stands out a house that some agree on pointing out that it can represent home, safety.

However far from what anyone might think with the naked eye, this card rather than sadness speaks of the need to change attitudes to the things that sadden us, in order to see the positive side of each experience. It also indicates that someone or something outside of our relationship with a person or group is interfering with the feelings of love that may exist in some of the two experiences.


Within a reading the appearance of this card may tell us that the consultant or is going through or is about to go through the loss of someone very important to that person, can indicate the loss of a parent or brother, as well as may be experienced or p or experiencegrief resulting from a divorce or separation from a loved one.

The presence of this card advises the consultant to start a healing stage that allows him to leave the past behind, in order to start a new life, accepting the cycles that begin and end, being able to see the best of each situation. Although this card refers to a deep pain his presence augurs that the consultant is on the way to a learning that will allow him to start a new life.

Likewise, this card may mean that the consultant isn´t able to objectively see the elements with which he counts to build the future, because he is still feeling the pain of the past, that he may be ascending it in states of melancholy or deep depression.

Likewise,this card doesn´t bode so well for the loving plane, for it almost always refers to the loss of the couple either because of a divorce or because the loved one changes its mind. Sometimes it may also indicate that the person has chosen to walk through life in a dramatic or pessimistic attitude that doesn´t allow him to move forward into the future.

If it appears inverted

Like the other tarot cards, the Five Cups also has a meaning if it comes to appear head-headed or inverted within a reading, in which case away from what the logic dictates its meaning becomes much more negative and worrying.

In this sense, most tarotists agree that when the Five Cups flipped, the content left in the two cups also spills, indicating that the consultant is suffering a total and devastating loss.

As for situations or infrastructures, this card augurs the catastrophe, the collapse and total end of some place or situation. In short, this is a total loss. However, as with all tarot cards it is important that it be analyzed in context so that it is the accompanying cards that really indicate the negative or positive character of this card.

In this sense, the Five Cups card also has specific meanings depending on the combination of the other cards it meets. For example, next to The Justice’s card, it might be pointing to a moment of renewal in the affective field. Together with The Lovers this card will always refer to Friendship. Next to The Moon may indicate that a matter is rather murky.

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