Six of Cups Tarot Card Meaning


Known as the Cup Six, this card as its name indicates it ranks sixth in the Tarot Cups club. On this occasion we will make a small synthesis of most of the symbolic features attributed to this card. We will also address in general the interpretations, both alone and together with other cards, which from it will make experts in this divinatory method that emerged in Italy during medieval times.

In this card – based on the Tarot Rider – we can see a scene set in a village of the Middle Ages, where a man dressed as a court jester offers a little girl a glass containing flowers inside, on the ground in front of them is found four more glasses, from which the interior also sprouts white flowers.

Behind the man rests on a pedestal a sixth cup, larger than all, which also contains a white flower. This card is taken by many as a symbol of sharing as a couple, of the passion among lovers, as well as represents the communication and harmony that exists in the early stages of infatuation.


In general the Six Cups is taken by most tarotists as a positive card, which brings with it a message of peace and harmony. It symbolizes balance and happiness. It is the card of societies and sharing.

Within a card roll your presence indicates a good time to make associations or start sentimental relationships. It is thus a card that invites the consultant to foster in his life moments of companionship, leaving behind the loneliness or self-absorption that for example the man of the Four cups lives.

It also refers to an idyllic past, it may even be pointing out the consultant’s early childhood. This card also seeks to evoke the youthful experiences of first love. It’s a squeath that summons those first illusions.

And although its meaning can also bring with it a desperation of nostalgia, this card speaks of reconciliation with the past, of the ability to turn back and rescue the beauty of the experiences we live. Also some tarotists have pointed out that this card may point to the return of a love of the past to the present life.

As for the concrete plans of existence, the appearance of this card in the loving realm stands as an invitation to the consultant to seek happiness in his home and his partner, fostering sharing, harmony, pleasure and companionship. In terms of health, this card talks about good states, and also talks about the importance to health that positive feelings have. Thus this card indicates the importance of being kind, empathetic and compassionate to ourselves and to others. It also emerges as an invitation to enjoy the small pleasures that life brings and to fill our days with them.

This card represents the opportunity to reconcile our past with our present in order to walk towards a promising future of great moments of happiness and companionship. As well as forgiving ourselves for anything that may have happened in the past, and also forgiving those involved directly. Healing old wounds and surrendering to the enjoyment of life seems to be the message of this card.

On the other hand, in terms of work, the presence of this card also speaks of good times for signing papers, closing agreements or establishments of companies. Talk about new offers or returning opportunities.

In economic terms it talks about a time of cost-sharing, money-sharing, even receiving gifts from life. However, it is important to remember that cards must always be analyzed in context, i.e. taking into account the cards from which it is accompanied.

If it appears inverted

Likewise, like all other tarot cards, the Cup Six also has a meaning if it ever appears inverted within a reading, that is, head. In which case you would be representing the opposite to when it appears right. In this position the Cup Ssix would refer to a not-so-happy past stage.

You may be pointing out a childhood or adolescence that you don’t keep good memories of. Likewise, the appearance of this card in reverse may indicate that the consultant is going through a stage when he feels self-absorbed or unmotivated to share. It may also indicate that the consultant should turn to his inner child a little to soften his or her vision of the world a little.

Combined with other cards

Similarly, this card has different meanings depending on the card with which it is combined. For example, if it comes to appear next to the menu of The World Card it is pointing out that there is a love cycle that will begin to live again, if the consultant so desires, that is, appears some old love with intentions to return to our lives.

Together with The Temperance Card it points out that the sentimental union of the consultant can be found in the midst of a chicha calm. This also looks inverted will have different meanings according to the accompanying cards. For example, if it appears next to Death’s card, it may be indicating that the consultant’s relationship is destined to break up soon.

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Six of Cups Tarot Card Meaning
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August 28, 2019

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