The most shocking prophecies of Parravicini

Curiosities, English - November 25, 2022
Image 1. The most shocking prophecies of Parravicini

Benjamín Solari Parravicini was an Argentine artist who, throughout his life, made more than a thousand prophetic drawings, earning the nickname of the Argentine Nostradamus. His prophecies were accompanied by drawings and text called premonitory psychographics. Unlike other seers, Parravicini’s drawings make it easier to understand what may happen in the future. many of his predictions about world events have come true and others are about to happen, such as the arrival of aliens and the implementation of a government system that takes away human freedoms. Next we present: the most impressive prophecies of Parravicini, let’s see.

Predicted September 11, 2001

The seer predicted the attack of September 11, 2001, with the following prophecy: “The freedom of America will lose its light, the sun will not shine like yesterday and the monument will be attacked twice.” Many thought he was referring to the Statue of Liberty, but the drawing shows the Twin Towers.

He also predicted that the first living thing to orbit the Earth would be a dog. As Parravicini warned, “the dog will be the first flyer”, the prophecy was fulfilled when Russia sent a labrador retriever named Laika, aboard the Sputnik 2 spacecraft to orbit the earth, on November 3, 1957.

He also made multiple predictions about contact with beings from other planets and the UFO phenomenon. One of the most famous psychographics states: “Aerial navigators will meet in the heights and greet each other. They will speak to cosmic beings.” Currently, the Pentagon has already declassified several documents and videos with unidentified flying objects. Parravicini also claimed that aliens would help humanity in the end times.

One of the most shocking prophecies was the following: “Noise of noises will deafen the heights, the F bomb”, in the drawing two epicenters with the name of Japan can be observed; Three years after making the drawing, during the second world war in Nagasaki, a nuclear bomb called Fat Man was dropped.

There are many prophecies that have been fulfilled and others are about to happen at any moment. One of those that probably refers to the present, expresses the following:

“Fire – hunger – pestilence – death – repeats the justice campaign that approaches the world, even more so the world does not listen, nor does it see. The darkness of the dragon that seemed asleep comes, the terror of the bear that feigned love and brotherhood and the humble democrat, who never was and poverty comes with him. The homeless, and with them all the explosions of disintegration. Darkness comes and then light from the South and the cross!”

Parraviccini is one of the most accurate clairvoyants in the world

The world is going through several important events such as conflicts, poverty, plagues, famine, etc., “the dragon that seemed asleep”, refers to Chinese communism, which is spreading throughout the world: “the bear that feigned love and brotherhood ” may refer to Russia, which appears to be on the good side, but is probably hiding bad intentions. “The humble democrat” can be Barack Obama, who during his government increased poverty in the United States, or Biden or some Democrat, as he literally predicts. If everything is carried out to the letter, when the greatest conflicts come, there will be many people without shelter and they will have to emigrate to safer places in search of peace.

One of the most chilling predictions was predicted for Latin America. The psychographic is titled “The Mandarin’s Song”, “The Mandarin’s Song will be listened to with pleasure and will be sung by the Latin countries. Chaos!” (1938). These words make us reflect on how Latin America over the last few years has become chaotic. According to several researchers, the Mandarin song alludes to a communist dictatorship. Remember that Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in Imperial China and is considered the official language of Beijing. One of the Chinese dictators who lived in the years 1893 and 1976, named Mao Zedong, promoted the use of songs to indoctrinate people. Music only mattered to him as a diffusion of communist ideals.

All this can only bring chaos to the Latin towns. As has already been seen, this political model has contributed to the reaffirmation of poverty, the loss of freedom and strong social fractures. Many Latin countries, although they do not consider themselves communist like Venezuela and Cuba, have leaned towards socialism and leftist ideals. Among the countries that have leaned towards these ideals we can mention Argentina, Chile, Nicaragua, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador and Bolivia, with economic and social results that leave much to think about.

Parravicini does not give hope in the short or medium term, but he does show us the light at the end of the tunnel and assures us that in the most critical moments, humanities from other planets and galaxies will appear, like blue men in spaceships, who would have already intervened in other planetary events of great relevance and would have maintained contact with the ancient peoples of the Earth. According to the seer, they will appear and help humanity, especially those who have dedicated themselves to developing their spirituality.

The renowned ufologist Fabio Zerpa, author of the work entitled “Benjamín Solari Parravicini”, recounts that the seer in person would have told him that an interstellar ship abducted him one day when he was in a chair on 9 de Julio Avenue, in the area center of the Argentine capital, then two subjects with totally white eyes approached him and a blinding light teleported them to a circle-shaped enclosure, surrounded by panels of lights and one of the aliens told him:

“You must preach love. The Universe is harmony. We are watching them. His behavior is aggressive. We have many chosen ones. We will meet again.” And three hours later he appeared again in that chair on the streets of Buenos Aires.