Tower’s Tarot Card Meaning: Kabbalah


Tower’s Tarot Card Meaning: Kabbalah

Known as The Tower or also The House of God this card occupies the number sixteenth of the Great Arcanes of the Tarot. On this occasion we bring a summary of the symbolic features, as well as the interpretations that make it most of the experts of this divinatory method whose origin apparently dates back to medieval Italy.

In this card we can literally see a Tower, touched by a crown, which the experts point to as a symbol of power, which is struck by lightning, as if the God himself – according to what the tarotists claim –decided to strike the structure.

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Two male figures fall into the void from the building. In this sense, the experts in symbology agree that the top of The Tower represents the human head, our ideas and values. Some see in men that values fall as well. In general, this card tells the consultant that the time has come to reflect and rethink his thinking.


However, it is a card that transmits and warns of somewhat negative situations. It is almost always linked to destruction, the end, ruptures, things that end forever because they can no longer be the way they are. You can also refer to unstable processes. However, it must be analyzed in context, taking into account the cards of which it is accompanied so that the cartomantic can understand the positive or negative value of this card.

Some tarotists warn that the appearance of this card in the company of the card of Death or The World may be indicating the death of the consultant or a relative of the latter. Also accompanying Cart Card can mean serious traffic accidents.

For its part, the different currents of thought also give meaning to this Tarot card. For example, the Cabalistics associatesThe Tower with the Hebrew Letter Hain and with the planet Mars. As for numerology, this letter is identified with the number sixteen, which for this discipline is made up of the sum of one (God’s number) plus six (the double trinity), which for some has a positive meaning, while for most it isn´t, but on the contrary it emerges as the warning of something terrible.

For esotericism, the tower’s chart is associated with the starsign of Capricorn and Element Earth.

Likewise, most tarotists agree to point out specific interpretations for each plane and issue of human existence. For example, on the material plane the appearance of this chart may be signaling the destructive force that the matter carries itself. Emotionally it may be referring to the psychological parameters and paradigms that we must overcome. As for the spiritual scope, this card refers to the energy of our soul.

If the consultant wants to analyze a final result, the presence of this card warns him that he will not achieve the goal he wants, and that on the contrary some negative moments await him. If you want to appreciate a specific person instead, Tower Card points to someone in full motion and change.

Although he may also be pointing to a person who doesn´t know how to manage his anger, and who instead can bring conflict shouts thanks to his constant anger. It can also indicate discussions and confrontations with angry people.

As for the love plane, the appearance of The Tower’s card may mean that their relationship as a couple may go through a process of rethinking. Although it also warns him of the meddling of third parties, such as the family, who will meddle in the affairs of the consultant and his partner.

In the field of health, the presence of La Torre may indicate possible health breaches, as well as some accidents. If you are a recovering patient, this card may warn of possible relapses.

In the work area the Towers´s Card indicates the possibility of making serious mistakes. It always announces changes, but it is necessary to analyze the accompanying cards in order to establish whether they will be positive or negative.

In terms of economics, Tower´s Card indicates that it isn´t the time to take risks in gambling or establishing business. Caution and a lot of cunning are advised.

And if it appears inverted

Like the other Tarot cards, the Tower card also has a meaning if it appears in an inverted reading, i.e. head. In this case, on the love plane it refers to possible ruptures.

He also warns that this is no time to establish loving bonds. In terms of health, most tarotists point out that the consultant or person you are asking is at risk of accidents, which can cause fractures.

In the field of work, The Inverted Tower points out that the consultant will have to deal with small crises, which are likely to lead to certain depressions. For the economic level the presence of this card warns of the arrival of unforeseen expenses, probably related to the children or the youngest of the house.

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