The Men in Black do exist, the strange silencers of UFO witnesses

The Men in Black do exist, the strange silencers of UFO witnesses

Government agents or aliens?

Since the 1950s, the UFO phenomenon has been related to the appearance of men in black suits in charge of calling witnesses and confiscating evidence that could prove extraterrestrial existence. These are commonly called “men in black”, or “silencers”.

His clothing is usually black, as his name suggests, metallic or strangely modulated voice, and in some cases, witnesses speak of telepathic communication or dreamlike appearances.

But its function in any case is the same, try to keep hidden any information that comes to light about extraterrestrial phenomena, and above all keep the silence of the witnesses, either through coercion, manipulating their memories, or in the last case the own elimination of the witness simulating an accident.

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It is true that in most of the meetings, the witnesses affirm having a period of time in which they do not remember anything and speak of interviews carried out in their own homes, and when they are alone, of these peculiar impeccably dressed men, generally courteous, but threatening., and that in general they tend to have extensive information about the life of the witness, and above all they go to him before he informs anyone about the sightings, with which the question arises: How do they know what the witness has seen?. In other cases they visit them to try to convince them that what they have seen has never happened, and they almost always go in groups of three that show so little expression on their faces that they do not seem human.

These peculiar characters dressed in black, usually appear related to cases of ufology or extraterrestrial sightings, and they are already mentioned in 1947.

Their origin is as strange and confusing as the UFO subject itself, and there are many speculations about what these characters really are, from KGB or CIA agents, to secret agents related to aerial investigations, area 51 workers, or even aliens, but in any case, both their appearance and their behavior are strange, and often threatening.

Albert Bender

Bender, president of the “International Flying Saucer Bureau” (international office of flying saucers), was editor of a magazine on UFOs and in one of the issues announced that he would publish in the next issue a truth that would astonish the world, since he claimed to know the origin of aliens and the reason for their visits to our planet. This issue was never published, as Bender allegedly received a visit from three men who confirmed his assumptions and added more chilling facts that made him sick and not eat for days.

In the end he backed down and didn’t reveal the information about himself. Those close to him said that he was not the same since the visit of those strange men, and he did not speak of the UFO subject with anyone for years. .

Bruce Cathie

Bruce Cathie, a proponent of the theory that these men were some kind of liaisons and translators between humans and aliens, was approached at a hotel in New Zealand. He had made it known that he was carrying photographs of the mysterious antennae that were multiplying in the area where they lived, while three individuals were sitting at a nearby table, and one of them approached him and tried to make conversation, while the photos were on the table in sight.

The man tried to get Cathie to tell him his name and an address where he could be reached, but he wouldn’t agree. Finally, he excused himself and went up to his room, going back down to put the pictures of him in the hotel safe. The men were no longer there, and when he asked the reception girl when they had been there, she told him that no one had left. She seemed as if the beings had vanished.

Edward Christiansen

Perhaps the most precise case is that of Edward Christiansen, who in November 1966 had seen a UFO, but it was not until January 9, 1967, when at his home in New Jersey, a strange man knocked on his door. He said he was from the Heir Locator Office, and that it was possible that Mr. Christiansen had inherited a lot of money. Edward immediately noticed that this man was strange. He is 2 meters tall, very broad shoulders, and weighs 120 kg. He was wearing a long black coat of very fine fabric, and a Russian-style cap that, when removed, revealed his hair cut to zero.

His eyes were bulging and they were out of sync with each other. The Christiansen’s dog immediately began growling. He had a metallic voice, and when he sat down, his pants rose and he watched in fascination as a green wire came out of his sock and up his leg. When offered a drink he refused and said that in ten minutes he would need a glass of water. During the interview, the family observed that his face was getting redder and redder, until he ended up asking for the glass of water, which he gulped down with a large yellow pill. This seemed to return him to his normal self.

As he left, Edwar’s wife decided to watch him and saw him raise his hand and a black 1963 Cadillac came out of the shadows with its lights off. The stranger entered it and left.

The next day, Edward received a phone call with a female voice explaining that the Edward Christiansen the Inheritors office was looking for had been located in California. He thanked her and hung up. This time there was no threat, although Edward and his wife knew the history of the men in black and assumed that his sighting was the cause of the visit, so they decided to keep it a secret for a while.

And so, there are many other testimonies qualified as authentic, by expert psychologists who know how to determine when someone is lying or being honest.

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