The pact of alien abductions and the great powers

Curiosities, English - November 24, 2022
Image 1. The pact of alien abductions and the great powers

Since the Roswell Incident, on June 10, 1947, the issue of the extraterrestrial presence on planet Earth has become a priority in the minds of millions of people. According to these groups, other species would have made contact with ours this year (if not some ago) and the governments of the great powers would be interested in gaining access to the technology of these civilizations. Now we will see: What the Matrix Report reveals: Have other civilizations visited us?

We have already spoken here of the Soviet Project “Alien Civilizations”, which would involve an incident similar to that of Roswell and the establishment of diplomatic relations between Soviet representatives and extraterrestrials. Likewise, we speak here of the “Serpo Project” that would imply a supposed excursion of human beings to a planet inhabited by extraterrestrials (this one involves the United States).

Well, today we will talk about an issue known as the “Matrix Report”, which seems to have come to light recently and has become popular in the circles of ufologists in the United States.

The information present on the internet about this report focuses on analyzing the key moments of the origins of the relationship between aliens and the great powers.

More than the Roswell incident, the document pays close attention to the case of T. Mantell, a US Air Force pilot who perished in a crash while chasing a mysterious flying craft: many claimed at the time that the said craft was to blame for the accident. This, which occurred in 1947, adds to an alleged incident in 1952 in which a flotilla of ships flew over Washington D.C. without the US authorities being able to prevent it.

And this is where the interesting part comes in: the first contact would not have occurred in Roswell, but almost two decades later in New Mexico:

First contact

According to the Matrix Report, the first contact between human beings and an extraterrestrial diplomatic mission would have occurred on April 30, 1964 at the Holloman Base (New Mexico) of the United States Air Force. There, the “Extraterrestrial Biological Entities” (EBEs in the language used by the report) began to negotiate with the “representatives” of the Human Beings.

It was not until 1969 that the talks reached a climax, and until 1971 that the two sides reached a real understanding. And it was then that the deal that lies at the core of the Report and that has generated so much controversy was sealed.

A controversial treatise

In essence, the treaty between the two groups (which was intended to give benefits to both) focused on allowing the EBE’s to carry out “their activities” in peace on the surface, in exchange for which the Americans would be given access to new technologies. (particularly anti-gravity machines and new weapons). According to the report, the United States authorities considered that it was not worth rejecting the pact, since in any case the extraterrestrials planned to continue with their projects and it was better to have control over the people who were subjected to these studies. For this reason, they asked for a list of abductees.

The consequences of his decision (which according to information in the document would have been taken without being aware of its scope) were disastrous and opened the door to the abduction of thousands of people and the torture and death of some. The members of the Committee in charge, realizing what was happening, began to seriously consider reversing the pact.

But – the document continues – they soon realized that the Soviet Union had made a similar pact (something that could well be considered treason by the EBEs) and therefore, they were in danger of losing their new weapons. At that time, they still underestimated the scope of what the EBEs did, since they denied and greatly reduced the scope of their actions.

Currently, according to the document, the authorities of these powers are in a debate about the need to tell the truth to human beings (offering public apologies and asking all governments for help) or if they should keep secret and seek a way to eliminate the EBE’s that intervene on Earth. Meanwhile, human experimentation continues.

More information provided by the document

According to the sources that speak of this report, there would be several classes of extraterrestrials of which only one (the so-called Greys, from Zeta Reticuli) are a threat to human beings. Other races diplomatically condemn their actions and could be willing to intervene militarily to liberate us, but at the cost of an immense war on the surface and the earth’s atmosphere and, therefore, the death of millions of human beings. The most important of these classes are the so-called “Low Blondes”.

Are we talking about an original source?

As always when dealing with the X-Files, it’s pretty hard to tell if we’re dealing with forgery, clever manipulation, or legitimate information. In the case of the Matrix Report, unfortunately I was unable to find the source of the original document (there are only analyzes of it) so it is not possible to determine its veracity.

Of course, the fact that the document does not exist is suspect, but there is no doubt that if the interests of making it not exist are sufficient, the document would have disappeared anyway.

For this reason, I leave it up to you to decide how true – or not – the information here is.