3.50.1277 AIMP-Experience a stunning audio quality

If you thought had seen everything in terms of audio players you’ll be surprised with AIMP, interesting player for its sound quality , ease of handling and extra utilities practices.

Let’s start with the main feature of every player: the sound quality. AIMP (also known as AIMP Classic) sounds great, the first impression is that is clearly above media . I check as to a song.

In terms of appearance, AIMP has an interface that is neat and easy to use. AIMP offers different skins (called “covers” in the program), and includes several different colors, so choose the one you like.

If you access your menu options (shortcut: Control + P) find functions such as “Fade”, which performs smoothing between songs , or automatic volume adjustment, which is responsible for avoiding such abrupt changes between songs that have different volume.

AIMP features:

– Support multi
– Audio Equalizer effects
– Playlists
– audio converter (APE, FLAC, OGG, WAV, WV, WMA and MP3)
– Tag Editor (ID3v1, ID3v2, APE, Vorbis, WMA)
– Audio Organizer
– Internet audio stations
– Download album covers
– Programmer

Download 3.50.1277 AIMP in We

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3.50.1277 AIMP-Experience a stunning audio quality
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June 22, 2013

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